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Disc 16
"Hubble's Sky"

Anthology of music from "HUBBLE Vision 2" and "Sky Quest"

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. The Forest 1:38 Medium G Guitar, Flute, Cello, Oboe, Voices, Percussion Simple, sentimental, pleasant, storytelling mood, harmonious.
2. First Footsteps 1:04 Medium G Piano, Clarinet, Brass, Percussion Memories of adventure, achievement, martial.
3. Martian Trees 0:54 Medium Bb Marimba, Synth Playful, hiding, suspenseful, teasing.
4. Campfire Stars 0:21 Slow D Harmonica, Guitar Western, relaxing, transition.
5. Forest Reprise 0:23 Medium G Guitar, Flute, Cello, Oboe, Voices See track 1; transition.
6. Forest Observatory 0:55 Medium C Bassoon, Flute, Cello, Voices, Synth Pleasant, neutral, anticipatory at end.
7. Sky Quest 0:23 Medium C Rhodes, Synth, Voices, Percussion Grand achievement, bright, thematic, flourish.
8. Cosmic Forest 1:13 Medium C Rhodes, Synth, Voices, Drums Mild, easy motion, arrives in space at :57.
9. Arc To Arcturus 1:36 Medium G Guitar, Flute, Voices Gentle, tender, simple, youthful, story-telling.
10. Leap To Leo 1:04 Medium G Rhodes, Synth, Voices Friendly, beckoning, whistling interjections.
11. Summer Constellations 1:16 Medium F Synth, Voices, Drums Journey, traveling, lively, joyful.
12. Birthday Star 1:25 Slow C Synth, Voices Sparkling, celestial, floating.
13. Star Colors 1:58 Medium C Synth, Bass, Percussion Sweet, searching, thoughtful, turning to minor feel at 1:20.
14. Telescope Views 0:40 Slow C Voices Insightful choral transition.
15. Moon Love 2:08 Medium C Rhodes, Synth, Strings, Voices, Percussion Traveling, orbiting, pride, mellifluous.
16. Mars One 2:03 Slow C Synth, Strings, Voices Quiet accomplishment, stately wave-like swells and motion, build to brass fanfare at 1:36.
17. Jupiter Comet 1:59 Slow Dm Synth Wistful, minor, space textures and washes, desending floaters at 1:05.
18. The Rings Of Saturn 1:09 Slow D Harp, Voices Ethereal, rippling arpeggios; wafting, wondrous, beauty.
19. Forest's End 1:02 Medium D Synth, Voices, Brass, Percussion See track 6. Builds to brass fanfare, finality at :45.
20. Forest Stars 0:44 Medium F Guitar, Voices, Synth See track 1; floating choral washes, deep.
21. Velvet Darkness of Night 2:25 Slow C Synth, Rhodes, Voices, Orchestra Introductory feeling, bell tones, wondrous melody, builds to fanfare.
22. Servicing Mission 1:21 Fast F Synth, Rhodes, Percussion Busy sequencer line underlies wandering melody; upbeat, exploratory.
23. Transit 1 0:41 Slow C Synth Transition piece; amorphous, techy
24. Planetary Passages 5:14 Medium C Synth, Drums Light rhythmic line underlies bell-like tones; cheerful, scenic.
25. Transit 2 0:38 Slow C Voices Awe-struck; slow fade out.
26. A Star is Born 1:32 N/A N/A Synth Solar formation sound collage. Mysterious, spacey; swirling sounds; muted explosions.
27. Protostars 1:43 Slow C Synth Thematic introduction, sound wash with overlying bell tones; welcoming feel. Segues to thoughtful, echoing tones.
28. Starbirth Reverie 3:56 Slow G Synth, Voices Similar feel to above with swooshes and swoops in punctuation. Relaxing, calm.
29. Light Echoes 5:12 Slow Dm Synth, Voices Deep, deliberate, rhythmic. Calm, searching, occasional drama.
30. Globular Clusters 1:10 Medium D Synth Shimmering rising and falling bells; spacey, contemplative, pretty.
31. Carolyn's Galaxy 2:51 Slow G Synth, Orchestra, Voices Lush theme with stirring melody and counterpoint, sentimental.
32. Heart of the Milky Way 1:05 Slow C Synth, Strings, FX Swirling feel; chirpy sound effects; calm, but eerie.
33. Deep Fields 3:42 Slow Em Synth, Voices, Orchestra Exploratory, expectant.
34. Cosmic Web 3:51 Slow G Synth, Voices Calm, exploration; floating melody. Fades to a single note resolution.
35. Extended Vision 0:25 Fast D Synth, Drums Ending music; bouncy, happy.
36. Phases of Phaedra 6:14 Slow F Synth, Voices, Cello, Drums Eerie, mystical, underwater feel; arpeggios and sequencers under lazy-moving melody.
37. Stella Novus 4:09 Medium Am Synth, Voices Jarre-like; traveling music feel; sequences underlie driving melody.