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Disc 14
"Beginnings Of Starlight"

Sonorous textures and themes from our "MAGELLAN" and "STARGAZING" shows.

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Beginnings 1:23 Medium C Synth, Voices Five building arpeggiations. Bell tones, bright, positive.
2. Magellan Theme 0:52 Slow C Rhodes, Synth Repeating bell tone motif over low bass, build to hopeful resolution.
3. Volcanism 4:10 Slow Dm Synth, Voices Ominous, desolate feel; wandering melody over slow, deliberate chord progressions.
4. Tectonism 3:17 Slow Dm Synth As above, ominous desolation; rich sound underscoring high descending glissandos.
5. Star Show 2:06 Slow F Guitar, Voices Flowing, syncopated bell-tone over rich sound wash. Hopeful, pretty.
6. A Cosmic Kiss 3:15 Slow F Rhodes, Synth Bell tone melody over semi-syncopated bass line; romantic, listless, wandering feel.
7. Adrift 4:39 Slow F Synth As above; exploratory, echoing, pretty.
8. Outbound 4:22 Fast F Synth Rhythmic motif against arpeggios in an echo chamber. Wondering, awestruck, traveling.
9. The Alcor-Mizar Connection 7:00 Medium Fm Synth, Rhodes Syncopated motif with searching, wandering mood. Echoing bell tones.
10. Star Hop 3:16 Medium F Synth, Voices Bouncy, echoing, energetic.
11. Starlight Lullaby 6:47 Slow F Rhodes, Guitar, Voices, Synth Sweet gentle melody over flowing wash of chords.
12. Winter Stars 4:09 Medium F Synth Tinkling echoing bell tones introduce sweet melody over rich wash of chords.
13. Starfall 5:32 Medium F Synth, Guitar, Rhodes Sweet melody over arpeggios; low deliberate notes; vocal accents throughout.
14. North To South 0:43 N/A F Synth Wash of sound punctuated by bells and rising chords. Transition, travel.
15. Silver Lagoon 3:57 Medium Fm Synth Echoey, splashes of sound, exploratory.
16. Celestial Solitude 6:54 Slow Gm Synth, Voices Sweet melodies; exploratory and anticipatory feel.
17. A Gentle Rain Of Starlight 5:33 Slow Fm Synth As above, gentle, sentimental melody; floating, wondering with feeling of awe.
18. Horsehead Hideaway 2:54 Fast F Guitar, Synth, Rhodes Happy, syncopated, bouncy guitar and playful melody line.
19. Stargazing Theme 0:42 Medium F Synth, Rhodes, Drums Bright, signature sound, strong finality.