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Disc 10
"Call Of The Canyon"

Anasazi-inspired music for Native American star tales

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. An Alien Whisper 0:22 N/A C Synth, Strings, Voices Suspenseful, string tremolos and choir voices.
2. Call Of The Canyon - In C 0:21 N/A C Synth, Orchestra, Flute Mystical string tremolos surround an Indian flute call. Key of C.
3. Call Of The Canyon - In D 0:22 N/A D Synth, Orchestra, Flute As in #1, key of D.
4. Summer Solstice 2:29 Medium D Synth, Voices, Harp Even bass pattern with electric piano fourths and plucked harp arpeggios. Contemporary feel.
5. Winter Sunrise 2:39 Slow G Piano, Orchestra Cold wind and piano chords over a repeated, anticipatory bass; builds at :42 to a flourishing, grandiose orchestral sunrise climax at 1:04, quickly returning to opening feel. Stronger at 2:00.
6. Chetro Ketl 4:15 Slow C Piano, Voices, Harp As in "Winter Sunrise"; noble grand piano, floating voices, occasional harp figures.
7. Great Dark Spot 2:04 Slow C Piano, Synth, Voices, Percussion "Chetro Ketl", enhanced with expressive bass strokes, timpani and percussion, cymbal swells, voices. Ceremonial, processional.
8. Chaco Twilight - Light Mix 1:41 Medium D Rhodes, Oboe Evocative, lyrical oboe melody over shimmering Rhodes piano.
9. Chaco Twilight - Full Mix 1:43 Medium D Rhodes, Oboe, Orchestra As above, with lush full orchestration and chimes — reverent at end.
10. Anasazi 6:09 Slow Dm Drums, Synth, Flute Foreboding, commanding, heavy. Dramatic ceremonial drum strokes and percussion punctuate flute calls.
11. Water Prayer 3:09 Medium D Water, Kalimba, Shakuhachi Flowing water and arpeggiated kalimba underlying a reed-pipe solo. Serene, cool, reverent, spiritual.
12. Water Prayer - No Effects 3:02 Medium D Kalimba, Shakuhachi As above, sans water.
13. Fajada Butte 2:54 Slow Cm Synth, Voices, Drums, Flute Mystical voices, thundering bass strokes, low flute. Dramatic, secretive, echoing.
14. Wijiji 2:28 Slow Cm Synth, Piano, Voices, Percussion Relentless, mysterious, with a timeless quality. Punctuated with percussion section ostinato.
15. Shadows On Sandstone 3:50 Medium Cm Synth, Piano, Flute, Percussion Flute melody over bass sequence, marimba chords and light percussion. Introspective, modern-day feel, pleasant.
16. Sun Dogs 4:51 Medium C Drums, Synth, Flute Up-tempo, driving, fusion jazz combo, with thematic flute lead. Bright, positive, very contemporary.
17. Coyote Canyon 10:21 Medium Dm Synth, Rhodes Ghostly, howling coyote, somber.
18. Song Of The Wind Kachinas 8:31 Slow Cm Synth, Wind, Voices Ponderous, soulful, mysterious voices in the wind.
19. Moondogs 5:36 Medium Dm Rhodes, Synth Open piano chords, shimmering bell-like tones; poetic, nocturnal.