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Disc 9
"Interstellar Mission"

A Voyage through space and time, from our "Voyager" shows

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Sailing To Neptune 3:08 Medium D Synth, Drums, Piano Positive, hopeful space anthem; rich, sonorous, light rhythmic sequence.
2. Deep Blue 4:20 N/A C Voices, Harp Floating, choral chords with harp arpeggios; restful, pacific, Holst-ian.
3. Moon Without A Name 3:55 Slow Dm Synth, Piano, Voices Searching, wistful melody; complex textures add instruments and chorus throughout, progressing from simple to grand.
4. Interstellar Mission 3:21 Slow Dm Synth, Piano, Voices Echoing, serious bass sequence with piano and harp chordal melody; rich choral crescendos in bridges describe the depths of space.
5. Encounters - Opening 0:27 Medium G Orchestra, Synth, Percussion Introductory theme - bright, anticipatory feeling of accomplishment.
6. Encounters - Theme 1:13 Medium F Synth, Drums, Orchestra, Voices Thematic building title music. Technological, proud, achievement feel.
7. Perceptions - Theme 1:05 Medium F Synth, Voices, Orchestra Same introductory theme as "Encounters", more grandiose, orchestral ending.
8. Perceptions - Exit 4:31 Fast C Synth, Voices, Drums Up-tempo walkout music, thematic to "Encounters". Bubbly synth and dramatic bass strokes over galloping rhythms and choral washes, optimistic and positive.
9. Encounters And Flybys 1:01 Medium C Synth, Rhodes Thematic transition.
10. Voyager's Journey 9:14 Various F Synth Bubbling, technology synth sequence travels through various electronic landscapes. The next six cuts ("Pioneer" through "Telemetry") are incorporated in this extended medley.
11. Pioneer 1:16 Fast F Synth, Rhodes, Voices Bouncy synth arpeggio sequence with bass tones and floating voices.
12. Molten Core 0:35 N/A Eb Synth Resonant, liquid, metallic, ringing effect.
13. Magnetosphere 1:12 N/A Cm Synth Swirling sound cloud with infalling particles, mysterious, formidable.
14. Dense Atmospheres 1:09 N/A Cm Synth Sweeping filtered synth chords; minor and serious feel at times.
15. Solar Power 1:52 Fast C Synth Active sparkling bouncing synth arpeggios; upbeat and positive, bright.
16. Telemetry 0:41 Fast G Synth, Rhodes Electronic beeping data degrades into distant noise.
17. Traveler's Tales 2:30 Fast C Synth, Voices Synth arpeggios and moving choral chords; vibrant, exciting, uplifting.
18. Galileo's Veranda 2:13 Slow D Cello, Lute, Synth Plucked lute and serene cello melody, sparkling accents - calm, nocturnal, pleasant.
19. Herschel's Veranda 1:53 Slow C Rhodes, Synth, Voices, Harpsichord Thematic to "Encounters" - Rhodes and keyboard arpeggios, with harpsichord punctuations for period feel. Segues to mystical synth pad at 1:17.
20. Uraniborg 1:00 Slow Fm Voices, Harpsichord, Flute Harpsichord, recorder, and choir; minor, somber feel.
21. Herschel 1:07 Medium D Harpsichord, Flute, Voices, Synth Baroque period feel, wistful, solemn flute melody floats over harpsichord figures, pizzicato strings and male choral voices.
22. Herschel's Discovery 1:12 Medium D Piano, Strings, Synth Thematic to "Herschel"; romantic feel, mellow, pleasant piano arpeggios over strings with vibe accents.
23. A Simpler Time 1:16 Medium C Harp, Lute, Flute Similar to "Uraniborg"; harpsichord, lute, and recorder; with an air of a Renaissance folk-song.
24. A Modern Time 0:59 Medium C Synth, Drums Thematic to "A Simpler Time," electric piano, bells, and light rhythm.
25. A Modern Myth 1:22 Medium C Synth, Voices Choral; :20 intro, to neutral choir chords over a constant e-piano pattern and bells.
26. The Drake Equation 1:34 Medium C Rhodes, Synth Thematic to "A Modern Myth"; constant, even, Rhodes piano and chimes.
27. Lost In The Stars 0:42 Slow Cm Rhodes, Synth Rhodes piano and bass interlude; minor, eerie.
28. Meteor Shower 0:22 Medium Cm Synth Shimmering, glowing, mysterious, with descending meteor "whistlers".
29. Meteor Background 0:45 Medium Cm Synth As above, without "whistlers.".
30. Planetesimals 2:26 Medium C Synth, Drums Twinkling, sparkling bells; hesitant, syncopated rhythm, cute.
31. And The Stars Return - A 2:13 Medium F Synth, Drums Light rock; e-piano, drums, bass, and melodic glissandi.
32. And The Stars Return - B 0:55 Medium F Synth, Drums As above.
33. And The Stars Return - C 0:55 Medium G Synth, Drums As above.
34. And The Stars Return - D 0:50 Medium G Synth, Drums As above, slower.
35. Travel With Me 2:20 Fast C Synth, Drums, Voices Building intro to :54; full, grandiose, proud, rich, anthemic; light rock feel.
36. Travel Back 2:33 Slow C Piano, Drums, Voices, Synth Similar to "Travel With Me", much less strident rhythm, no rock feel.