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Disc 12

A Solar System suite, and scores from the 1997 show "Light Years From Andromeda"

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Laser Bounce 1:58 Fast C Synth, Percussion Happy, cheerful, bounding, echo-y, techno, with light drums and glissando sweeps.
2. Sol 1:01 Slow Dm Synth Dramatic, fiery, "ringy", resolute.
3. Caloris Basin 1:09 N/A Cm Synth Mysterious, searing heat, floating.
4. As The Earth Turns 1:01 Medium C Synth, Voices Bright, strong, thematic, sparkling and choral, waltz meter, carousel-like.
5. As The Earth Orbits 1:15 Medium C Synth, Voices As above, opening builds, less strident, peaceful.
6. As The Moon Orbits 1:06 Fast C Synth, Voices Bouncing arpeggio sequence and wafting choral chords.
7. Moon Glows At Mars 1:01 Medium F Synth, Voices Glistening sparkles, constant arpeggio and choral chords, andante.
8. Europa 1:14 Slow Cm Synth Dark, cool, echoing, bass sweeps and chimes with round sounds.
9. Saturnesque 1:20 Slow E Piano, Orchestra Full orchestral, melodic "Cosmos"-y theme, sentimental, pretty.
10. Saturnesque - Long Version 2:44 Slow E Piano, Orchestra Like above, played twice through, sustained ending note.
11. Miranda 1:18 Slow Cm Synth, Strings High bell tones, swelling string arpeggios, bass chimes; icy, solemn.
12. Triton 1:08 Slow Cm Orchestra, Flute Desolate orchestral and flute chords, vast, cold, reverent.
13. Charon 1:35 Slow Em Synth, Voices, Wind Modal feel, choral bends, windy, eerie, barren, reedy melody, even.
14. A Long Time Ago 1:50 Slow Cm Rhodes, Strings, Voices, Harp, Orchestra Introductory theme, transition at :30 to sustained soundscape. Pretty, contemplative.
15. A Long Time Reprise 1:02 Slow Cm Rhodes, Voices, Strings, Orchestra, Harp "A Long Time Ago" introduction, transitioning to proud majestic choral and orchestral chords at :30.
16. A Long Time Coming 0:58 Slow Cm Rhodes, Strings, Voices, Orchestra, Harp Thematic build with harp arpeggios to impressive light orchestral ending.
17. Galactic Transition 0:38 N/A Dm Rhodes, Strings, Voices Floating space chords with passing Rhodes strains.
18. Another Galaxy 1:15 N/A D Rhodes, Voices, Strings, Synth Stratospheric choral and string space pads; resonant bass tones at :45.
19. Galactic Passing 0:42 N/A D Rhodes, Voices Choral chords with Rhodes transition.
20. Escape 0:50 Slow G Rhodes, Voices, Strings, Orchestra Low build to grand orchestral fanfare; heroic achievement, optimism, success.
21. Summer Hunters 1:34 Slow Dm Synth, Drums, Percussion, Flute Primitive, tribal drums and flute suggestions. Dramatic, barren, stark.
22. Winter Hunters 2:01 Slow Dm Synth, Strings, Percussion As above, with swirling wind. Plaintive flute melody, cold, desolate.
23. Ice Age Cave 2:39 N/A Cm Wind, Synth, Voices Swirling wind, reverberant echoing hollow bass tones, frozen ambiance, alien hint.
24. Cave Dwellers 1:30 Slow Am Flute, Voices, Percussion, Strings Lonely flute melody over solemn bass and percussion. Strings enter at :50.
25. The Storyteller 1:38 Slow Gm Bassoon, Flute, Percussion Processional flute marches over a stately bassoon sequence, with drum strokes.
26. Ra 1:23 Slow Em Strings, Synth, Percussion Strings, tambourine, and modal reed instrument; regal, imposing courtly mood.
27. The Cloister 1:46 Slow Cm Voices Reverberant male choir voices in Gregorian chant style.
28. A Science Called Astronomy 1:12 Medium Cm Flute, Harpsichord, Voices, Rhodes Harpsichord plays over echoing recorder motif; Renaissance feel.
29. Twentieth Century 1:33 Medium Cm Rhodes, Synth Transition to modern feel, synth glissando melody and sparkling Rhodes.
30. Stellar Collections 2:12 Slow C Synth, Voices Expansive, echoing, deep vocal chord sweeps and arpeggios; heavenly.
31. Further Back In Time 3:10 Slow Cm Synth, Voices, Strings Even, hypnotic, sentimental, reflective, drifting yet progressing.
32. The Enormity of Distances 2:57 Slow Cm Rhodes, Synth, Voices Deliberate, meditative, solemn, graceful ballet of thematic fragments. Flowing, building to more active at 2:12; stately fanfare at end.
33. Infinite Light 20:35 N/A Cm Voices Long, sustained washes of tape-loop choral chords; constantly evolving and crossfading. Enigmatic, modern, purposeful, minor, solemn, astral.