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Disc 6
"October Night"

Tonal themes from "ALL SYSTEMS GO!"; and long, light, shimmering space music selections

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Prelude And Theme 1:16 Various C Synth, Rhodes Brass fanfares, building to triumphant theme.
2. October Night 1:17 Slow C Synth Ethereal strings and bells.
3. The Early Years 1:14 Medium C Synth, Rhodes Trumpet fanfares — military drums at :36.
4. Past Reflections 2:10 Medium D Synth Smooth, flowing, with trumpeting; moving to medium-tempo at :36.
5. Moon Shadows 1:19 Medium Fm Synth, Rhodes Mysterious chords, flowing bell arpeggios.
6. On The Move 2:12 Fast F Synth Rising sequencer bass patterns and trumpeting — military drums at 1:16, minor fanfare at 1:48.
7. The Challenge 1:34 Fast C Synth Medium tempo, moving; slowing at :59.
8. Gemini 1:51 Medium D Synth, Rhodes Ethereal strings, bells; transition at 1:10.
9. Descent 1:13 Slow C Synth, Rhodes Slow, sustained.
10. Home Planet '83 1:45 Various C Rhodes, Synth Ethereal intro, medium tempo, pretty theme at :33.
11. Down To Earth 2:07 Fast C Synth Bouncy, echoing, rock-flavored organ riffs.
12. Answer The Call 0:52 Slow F Synth, Rhodes Fanfare transition.
13. "All Systems Go!" 2:57 Medium C Synth, Rhodes Triumphant theme; minor bridge 1:10 to 1:40.
14. "All Systems Go!" - Exit 1:09 Fast C Synth, Rhodes, Drums Up-tempo reprise of themes with light drums.
15. Challenger 9:25 Medium C Synth, Drums Light percussion rhythm, optimistic, scientific, consistent.
16. Probe 5:39 Medium C Synth, Strings, Voices Peaceful space music; a Bolero bass sequence, strings and choir swells.
17. Crystals 12:08 Slow Em Synth Delicate chordal pattern, bright, icy, shining.
18. West Of The Galaxy 16:16 Medium G Rhodes, Synth Slow, trail-riding space music, featuring Rhodes piano and antiphonal piccolo trumpet-like synthesizer; positive, pretty.
19. Lightwaves 6:13 Medium Fm Synth, Drums Echoing, moving belltones percolate over imposing, dramatic bass and drums and cymbals. Cyclical, colorful, serious, upfront.