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Disc 15
"Quest For Space"

Visions of the cosmos, from "MarsQuest" and our archives.

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Horus 2:22 Slow C Synth, Rhodes, Voices Percussive, decisive, swirling low wash, swooping choral wipes. Awe-inspiring, mysterious, bold, strong.
2. The Mysteries of Mars redux 2:00 Slow Fm Synth, Voices, Flute Mysterious, echoing flute plays primitive rhythms over a strong bass line. (See Disc 8/track 11)
3. Skywatch redux 3:11 Slow Abm Synth, Flute, Voices Lonely flute floats over coolly even Rhodes rhythm. (See Disc 8/track 12)
4. Mariner 1:11 Fast D Synth, Voices Excitement, discovery, technology.
5. Pathfinder 2:52 Medium D Synth, Voices Anticipation builds; transitions to melancholy voices over rhythmic bass.
6. Between Planets redux 3:57 Medium Bb Rhodes, Voices, Cello, Synth Mellifluous cello melody in minor counterpoint with choir in major. Pretty, even, constant, rich. (See Disc 8/track 13)
7. Antarctica 1:17 Slow Dm Synth, Wind Desolate, cold, windy feeling.
8. ALH84001 1:03 Medium Am Synth Curious, mysterious, somewhat desolate.
9. Desert Planet 2:15 Slow Bb Wind, Synth, Rhodes, Strings, Voices winds and hesitant melody; feeling of magnificent desolation.
10. Haughton Crater 1:50 Slow Gm Synth, Rhodes Emptiness, exploration, solitude.
11. On Orbit redux 2:07 Slow C Rhodes, Strings, Voices, Orchestra Sonorous, dignified orchestral bass melody; leads to an orchestral peak, suggesting great achievement. Grand, solemn, positive. (See Disc 8/track 16)
12. Rhapsody on a Red Planet redux 4:07 Slow Cm Synth, Wind, Voices Desolate, abandoned, hauntingly beautiful. Ends with hopeful feel-contemplative and thoughtful. (See Disc 8/track 17)
13. Open The Dome 1:00 Slow C Synth, Voices, Drums, Orchestra Chords, anticipatory shimmer of sound; uplifting melody line, celebratory feel. Strong, fanfare, logo.
14. Sierpinski 0:51 Medium Fm Synth , Voices, Drums Percussive beats and shimmering bells; driving, twisting melody; persistent, iterative.
15. DNA Molecule 0:33 Medium F Synth, Voices, Timpani Slow descending melody; ascends to triumphant ending.
16. Water Molecule 0:22 Fast Dm Synth, Voices Shimmering arpeggios; wandering chorale; exploration.
17. Old Windmill 0:18 Medium G Piano, Flute, Strings Thematic, traditional, panoramic, introductory.
18. Euromast 0:51 Medium Cm Synth, Drums Kraftwerk-like; rhythmic, robotic, driving, intense.
19. Raise The Dam 0:46 Medium D Orchestra, Synth Opening herald fanfares segue to sweet, orchestral, touristic mood.
24. Tetrahedral 0:50 Fast C Synth Bright, echoing, shimmering geometric progression.
25. Dot Cube 0:35 Fast Cm Marimba Echoing multiple-meter sequences play together; intricate, bright.
26. Nautilus Shell 0:41 Slow F Synth Slow, mysterious, contemplative, hollow.
27. Lorenz Attractor 0:52 Slow Dm Harp, Strings Floating, harp arpeggios, spacey, wondrous, drifting.
28. Gravity Well 1:08 Slow/Fast Dm Voices, Synth, Percussion, FX Begins as slow, twisting melody; speeds up to tumultuous chaotic turmoil, mysterious, eerie, ends with explosion.
29. Imagination Fanfare 0:50 Slow C Synth, Voices, Brass Anticipatory opening leads to fanfare; triumphant, achievement.
30. Oceans In Space Theme 2:01 Medium C Piano, Voices, Recorder, Strings, Percussion Nautical feel; calm, exploratory, expansive, theatrical.
31. The Land 1:14 Medium C Synth, Drums Opening herald; marching military feel in melody; firm resolve, technological.
32. Festive Soil 0:56 Medium Cm Flutes, Rhodes, Voices, Percussion Similar to Vangelis' Soil Festivities. Flute 'pips' continue punctuated by percussion hits. Persistent, rhythmic.
33. Lotus Blossom 0:59 Medium C Sitar, Shakuhachi, Rhodes Oriental feel, mystic mood, calm, contemplative.
34. March To Orion 0:56 Medium C Organ, Voices, Percussion Martial, stately, achievement.
35. Crystallization 1:33 Medium C Synth, Voices Solitary feeling, shimmering melody lines suddenly ascend at :34 and descend at :55.
36. Moebius 1:40 Fast C Synth, Drums Hard-driving, excitement, swirling, growling, falling; heavy rock drums.
37. Klein Bottle 1:18 Slow Cm Synth Mysterious, hollow.
38. Flight To Infinity 2:47 Fast C Synth, Voices, Drums Fast-paced sequencer lines under melody; traveling, building up to two large climaxes. Achievement, flight, adventure, beauty.
39. Return From Infinity 1:48 Slow Cm Piano, Voices, Celli Somber, emotional, grave, contemplative cello trio.