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Disc 3
"Memories of Mimas"

Futuristic music and electronic effects

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. The Messenger 1:36 Slow Eb Synth Pulsating, wandering melody, electric feeling.
2. Rising Pressure 2:51 N/A - Synth Constant building, climbing tones.
3. Falling Through A Time Warp 2:14 N/A - Synth Siren-like, odd vocal cries.
4. Cygnus X-1 1:10 N/A Eb Synth Electronic tunnel, cold, lost, shimmering.
5. Cosmic Omniscience 2:04 N/A D Synth Ponderous, stalking, heavy.
6. Binary Star 1:48 Medium G Synth, Strings, Voices Restless, wailing, sad.
7. Awakening 4:12 N/A - Synth, Voices Computer-like, alarming, sweeping electronics.
8. Atoms Or UFOs 1:35 N/A - Synth Electronic, vibrating.
9. Asteroid Belt 4:19 N/A Em Synth Limbo, threatening, heavy, cold.
10. Uranus 3:08 N/A F Strings Muted strings, floating, distant.
11. Neptune 2:47 N/A Bb Strings, Synth Quiet, muted strings, spacy.
12. Giant Whirlpools 3:33 N/A C Rhodes Dissonant, powerful, wind-swept.
13. Primitives 4:30 Slow Cm Synth Strong bass, hesitant, fragmented.
14. Transmitting Data 3:05 Fast C Synth Staccato, computer-y rhythm effect, more complex end.
15. The Slingshot Effect 0:42 N/A C Synth Growling bass, with accelerating key change.
16. Ring Particles 2:01 N/A - Synth Atonal, alien, windy.
17. Calm 2:06 Slow Bm Synth, Rhodes Sedate, restful, bell sounds punctuate.
18. Titan 3:29 Medium Cm Synth, Rhodes Meditative, oriental feeling, peaceful.
19. Algol 3:16 Slow Gm Synth Tenuous, uncertain, occasional high bell echoes, strange.
20. Hermes 1:41 Fast D Synth Bright, echoing trills, up and down swells, fast-paced, positive.
21. Gaia 3:47 N/A - Synth Atonal chordal effects and white noise; primordial, nebulous, drifting.
22. Ares 3:07 N/A C Synth Sweeping open chords, growling, morose, grand.
23. Poseidon 1:33 N/A C Synth Underwater, bubbling, echoing, flute-like arpeggios.
24. Great Clouds 2:33 Medium C Rhodes, Synth Misty, floating, bass with bell-like tones.
25. Footsteps 5:07 Slow Dm Synth, Rhodes Measured, cavernous, contemplative.
26. Memories Of Mimas 4:08 Medium C Synth Orchestral, in 6/8, persistent, melodic.