Dome Theater Resources

Here is our choice of Web sites at least somewhat related to the dome theater field. You'll find projector manufacturers, product suppliers, astronomy resources and more. Happy surfing!

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Ash Enterprises Int'l. Inc. Makers of Warped Media, spherical mirror projection
BARCO Simulation Products Makers of I-Dome digital display projection systems
Carl Zeiss Planetariums Makers of VELVET, powerdome Theaters, and other fulldome projector systems.
Digitalis Education Solutions Makers of the Digitarium line of fulldome projectors.
ePlanetarium Makers of Discovery Dome, fulldome projector systems.
Electrosonic Giant Screen and Planetarium Team Full-service immersive theater integrators; Fidelity Bright projection systems, content supply and production, media, management, and maintenance.
The Elumenati Immersive projection design, makers of Omnifocus fulldome projectors.
Emerald Digital Planetarium Systems Fulldome projectors from Baraket Observatory in Israel
Evans & Sutherland Makers of Digistar fulldome projection systems.
Free Fall Technologies Mark Perkins's fulldome mirror systems and dome servicing company.
GOTO INC Makers of VIRTUARIUM fulldome projection system.
MEDIAGLOBE Fulldome projector system from Konica Minolta.
R.S.A. Cosmos Makers of InSpace System fulldome projectors and controls.
Sciss AB From Sweden, the makers of Colorspace and UniView visualization platform.
Sky-Skan, Inc. Makers of definiti fulldome theaters, technology and theater design.
Science First / STARLAB Makers of Digital STARLAB fulldome projector system.
Spitz, Inc. SciDome and opto-mechanical star projectors, immersive multimedia and video/CGI production, theater automation, projection domes.

Astro-Tec Manufacturing, Inc. Planetarium domes and painting.
Avela Corporation Maker of inflatable Go-Domes.
Digitalis Education Solutions Inflatable domes.
Elumenati Custom inflatable domes.
Emerald Digital Planetarium Systems Domes from Baraket Observatory in Israel
Geo Events Systems Greg Senior's company for inflatable and geodesic for events
MMI Corporation Inflatable and fiberglass planetarium domes 5-10 meters diameter.
Science First / STARLAB Inflatable domes.
Pacific Domes International From Europe, geodesic dome structures.
Spitz, Inc. Projection domes.
Shelter Systems Makers of the StarBubbleTM portable projection dome. Here's a page illustrating this dome in our studios: The LarryDome.

Digistar from Evans and Sutherland, a planetarium program we use to generate astronomical visualizations.
DigitalSky from Sky-Skan, a planetarium program we use to generate astronomical visualizations.
definiti PD from Sky-Skan, the fisheye lens fulldome projector system we use in our production dome.
DomeXF from Sky-Skan, an After Effects plug-in we use (and sell) for making our fulldome video dome masters.
Digistar Virtual Projectors from Evans and Sutherland, an After Effects plug-in we use for making our fulldome video dome masters.
ePlanetarium Newtonian-2 spherical mirror projector.

OTHER SUPPLIERS AND RESOURCES From Germany, site for photographic all-skies.
Ansible Technolgies, Ltd. Aram Friedman's site for MicroDome, a portable classroom projector system, based on Digistar technology.
Audio Visual Imagineering Inc. Makers of SKYLASE fulldome laser projection system. Shows too!
Paul Bourke Projection pages Everything you ever wanted to know relating to hemispherical dome projection using a spherical mirror. Paul is the author of tgawarp software for warping fisheye images. We sell a Windows version: IMGWarper for Windows.
Clark Planetarium Productions From Salt Lake City, fulldome and classic planetarium shows.
Digital Chaotics Ken Scott's company for DomeLoops and DomeSavers.
Dome3D Matt Mascheri's creative media and technology consulting company.
Free Fall Technologies Mark Perkins's fulldome mirror systems and dome servicing company.
FullDomeFX Troy McClellan's fulldome content and custom animations company.
FDDB Dario Tiveron's The Fulldome Database.
Hayden Planetarium From New York's American Museum of Natural History, home of Digital Universe and Partiview software.
Home Run Pictures Tom Casey's animation and effects company.
GeoGraphics Imaging and Consulting George Fleenor's site specializing in astronomical animation clips for flat screen and fulldome featuring the talents of Joe Tucciarone.
Ian McLennan Consultant to museums, science centres, planetariums, digital theatres, themed attractions, and world expositions.
International Planetarium Society Organization for planetarium professionals.
IMERSA Professional association advancing the art, science, profile, integrity and common interests of large-format digital immersive media.
Loch Ness Productions Hey, that's us!
Magna-Tech Electronic Exclusive North American distributor of Konica Minolta Planetariums.
Mirage3D Robin Sip's site for fulldome production and shows.
Navegar Foundation From Portugal, makers of Fulldome, a compositing plug-in for immersive environments.
NSC Creative Fulldome show production, from the National Space Centre, Leicester, UK.
PineappleWare Site for dome mastering tools FisheyeRender, QuickStitcher and more.
Science Communications Consultants Jim Sweitzer and colleagues assist the people who bring the message of science to the public.
Starlight Productions Aaron McEuen's site for fulldome content and consultation.
Stellarium Open-source planetarium software.
Vortex Immersion Media Ed Lantz's site for immersive theater engineering, business and creative consultants.
WorldWide Telescope Microsoft's planetarium software with fulldome capability.

DomePro Discussion Group Mike Murray and Mark Petersen moderate this Yahoo group. An alternative to Dome-L.
Fulldome Video Discussion Group Ryan Wyatt and Ken Scott moderate this Yahoo group.
Small-Planetarium Discussion Group Paul Bourke moderates this Yahoo group where mirror projection fulldome issues are sometimes discussed.
Fulldome on Ning David McConville moderates this social site. Brad Thompson moderates Spitz's "meeting place for immersive collaboration".
The Fulldome Blog Jason Fletcher talks animation and science viz, looking behind the scenes of the Charles Hayden Planetarium.
FAR: Fulldome Animators Resource Jason Fletcher moderates this Google Groups forum.
When in Dome Morehead Planetarium's fulldome team runs this blog.
Ryan Wyatt's home page Fulldome links and articles

Association of Science-Technology Centers Professional organization
ASTRONOMY / Kalmbach Publishing Publishers of {ASTRONOMY} Magazine
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Lots of astronomy stuff
Autumn Star The science fiction, fantasy and space art of Tim W. Kuzniar
BCA Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer of Wess slide mounts
Bowen Technovation Equipment dealer and planetarium products
Michael Carroll The home page for one of our favorite planetarium space artists!
David Chandler Company Designer and source for astronomy kits and "The Night Sky" planispheres.
Chengdu Guangming Astronomical Instruments Co. Ltd Manufacturer of Jindu-series planetarium projectors.
ChimPANzee From Germany, source for panoramas, all-skies, and software for making them.
Conceptron Associates Design consultant
Cotton Expressions, Ltd. Science, Science Humor and Science Fiction T-shirts!
Creative Laser Media & Design Laser light shows and education.
CUBEX From Argentina, portable planetarium manufacturer
East Coast Control Systems Planetarium control and laser systems
FirstLight Laser Productions Mike Dunn's laser show productions.
Galaxy Photography Jason Ware's astrophotos you can download — and purchase!
Gambato s.a.s. Planetarium and dome manufacturer in Italy.
IMAX Corporation Large-format 15/70 films
International Dark-Sky Assoc. Organization to help stamp out light pollution.
International Laser Display Assoc. Organization for laser professionals
Laser Fantasy International Laser system equipment and programs.
Laser Images, Inc. Home of Laserium, the original planetarium laser light show.
Megastar Takayuki Ohira's independently engineered planetarium system from Japan.
Novaspace Galleries Space art dealer extraordinaire — originals, prints, cards, pogs, and more!
Pielock Planetarium Repair Stephen Pielock collects and restores planetarium projectors
The Planetary Society Lots of astronomy stuff
Rainbow Symphony, Inc. Hologram-related items, laser glasses, eclipse filters, and more.
Rob Walrecht Planispheres Customized and commercial planispheres for ALL latitudes, build-it-yourself star wheels, sundials, and unique Solar System scale model.
Skeie AS Norwegian seating manufacturer
Sky Publishing Corporation Publishers of Sky and Telescope magazines
Space Science Institute Exhibits — "Electric Space," "MarsQuest," and more
Sphaera Planetaria Brazilian planetarium manufacturer
StarDate Online, McDonald Observatory Home of StarDate Magazine and radio program.
You Can Do Astronomy LLC Noreen Grice's accessibility design and consulting company, making astronomy and space science accessible to people with disabilties.

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