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Disc 4
"The Vision"

Cosmic soundscapes from the original 1980 version of "Light Years From Andromeda"

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Lightspell 6:08 Medium Cm Synth, Rhodes Echoing, hypnotic sequence and melodious Rhodes leads, with an extended synth improvisation. Easy, mellow, spacy.
2. Solar System Creation 4:41 Various D Rhodes, Synth, Strings Melodious electronic orchestra and Rhodes piano. 1 - Sparkling, sweeping intro; 2- swirling voices and filtered noise; 3 - more active; 4 - deep synth voice emerges; 5 - different pitched warbling tones; 6 - all segues to anticipatory Rhodes; 7 - strong
3. The Journey 3:15 Slow D Synth, Guitar, Rhodes Melodic, shimmering, into slow sustained melody.
4. Searching 2:32 Medium Am Rhodes, Voices, Synth Serene, optimistic, forward-looking.
5. Ghost Planet 2:59 Slow Cm Synth, Strings Moody, expansive, plaintive, spacious.
6. Big Dipper 2:38 Medium C Rhodes, Synth Restful, tinkling.
7. Night Interlude 1:08 N/A Am Strings Shimmering strings.
8. Blue Jewel Of Earth 1:54 Medium D Rhodes, Synth Sentimental, pretty, soaring.
9. The Vision 2:22 Medium D Rhodes, Strings Green, natural, persistent.
10. Schiaparelli Discovers Canals 1:27 Medium Gb Rhodes, Orchestra March from "Aida", into suspenseful then triumphant discovery chord.
11. Theme Transition 0:58 Medium Am Rhodes, Synth Peaceful transition.
12. Planet Of Paradox 2:12 Slow Dm Rhodes, Synth Impressionistic intro into mysterious intrigue.
13. Viking-view Of Mars 2:59 Slow Cm Synth, Rhodes, Voices, Strings Chilling, important, determined, into windswept, striding undertones.
14. Terraformation 2:20 N/A C Synth Harsh, wandering, vibratory.
15. Finale 1:16 N/A D Rhodes, Synth, Voices, Strings Final music, low undertones to open light.
16. "Light Years" - Opening 1:49 Various C Rhodes, Synth Suspended strings and opening chords to sustained Rhodes piano.
17. "Light Years" Impressions 3:19 Fast Cm Synth, Rhodes Busy, echoing, repetitive.
18. Incredible Feat 1:06 N/A C Synth, Rhodes Slow build from bass chords to intense fanfare.
19. "Light Years" - Reprise 1:03 Various C Rhodes, Synth Reprise of "Light Years" opening, continuing into high strings, joyous, quasi-religious feel.
20. The End 0:56 N/A C Synth, Rhodes Shimmering, building to respectful climax.
21. Deep Space 23:18 N/A Cm Synth, Voices Light, ethereal, singing bell tones, punctuated with male choir "oooh" chords and electronic piano arpeggios. Mysterious, wondrous, tranquil, cool, occasionally somber, reverent, futuristic.