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Disc 11
"Stone Of The Suns"

Stirring Southwestern-influenced soundscapes

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Stone Of The Suns 6:33 Various F Synth, Drums, Cello, Orchestra, Percussion Conch call to massive tribal opening, mystical, foreboding. 2 - percussive, windswept, howling, awesome. 3 - thematic, ceremonial, measured, rainforest. 5- return to opening mood, builds. . 6 - ominous drum beats; at 4:30 dramatic, imperial entrada,
2. Olmec Carvers 1:36 Fast A Marimba, Pan Pipes Clockwork like marimba sequence with pan pipes punctuating. 1:07 transition to shimmering voices and drum strokes.
3. Coatlicue 3:21 Slow Em Guitar, Flute, Cello, Marimba Gentle, melancholy Spanish troubadour's ballad, acoustic guitar with flute and marimba over sustained cello.
4. Teotihuacan 1:21 Slow C Percussion Rhythmic percussion instruments interlude. Purposeful but with a playful element.
5. Skywatchers Nightfall 1:30 Medium C Kalimba, Shakuhachi, Voices Lonely flute floats over coolly even Rhodes rhythm. Changes to synth chords at 1:36, sparkling bell tones at 2:26.
6. Quetzalcoatl 2:08 Slow Em Orchestra, Flute Minor orchestral chords and yearning flute calls. Pacific, autumnal.
7. Zapotec Sun Passage 2:48 N/A D Voices, Bassoon, Flute, Marimba Introspective bassoon and flute duet over marimba and voice pads. Waiting, still, pretty; crescendo builds to brief peak at 1:49, then returns.
8. Coyolxauqui 1:23 Fast Cm Drums, Voices, Strings Tribal drum beats, frenzied strings and choir, tense dramatic build to dropoff at :50 Drums return at 1:02. Good for primitive eclipse scenes.
9. Fire Sacrifice 1:39 Various Em Drums, Orchestra Tribal drum dance with low brass and flute. :54 turns to ominous bass drone with percussion rattles.
10. Cycles Of Night 4:56 Medium Dm Guitar, Flute, Voices Gentle, pretty and flowing classical guitar arpeggios, pan pipes and wafting voices; evocative, spiritual.
11. Tenochtitlan 2:26 Slow Dm Piano, Harp, Flute, Drums, Percussion Grand, stately processional of piano, harp, flute, drums and percussion.
12. Tianquiztli 2:44 Slow C Synth, Voices, Strings Shimmering, dreamy choral voices and pastoral low flutes; heavenly, pacific.
13. Stars Over The Pyramid 3:20 Medium Em Synth, Flute, Voices, Percussion Memorable flute melodies over electric piano and cabasa rhythms; pretty, reflective, pleasant, even.
14. Tezcatlipoca 3:31 Medium Dm Flute, Synth, Percussion Sinuous flute melody, percussive highlights; mystical, echoing, stalking.
15. The Great Temple 3:45 Slow Dm Synth, Percussion, Flute Grandiose gongs, low arco strings, flute and wind chimes; vast, majestic, stately, sacred.
16. People Of The Sun 4:34 Fast Em Guitar, Marimba, Percussion Spanish-style guitar arpeggios, an echoing marimba melody and galloping drums and shakers.
17. Morning Call 10:44 Slow Em Piano, Flute, Synth Open piano chords, adding recorder melody; reverent, spiritual feel.
18. Kokopelli 10:33 N/A Dm Wind, Wind Chimes, Flute, Synth Wind chimes, wind, and recorder; ceremonial, mystical.