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Disc 1
"Night Falls"

Synthesizer selections with a spirit of analog technology

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. The Answer 2:25 Medium B Strings, Synth Free form orchestral chords blend with a continuous echoing sequence; a bright, floating, rhythmless environment.
2. Stardeath 2:51 Slow B Strings, Voices Mysterious, ethereal Mellotron strings and chorus; almost atonal at times.
3. Martian March 3:41 Medium Ab Synth A stately whole-tone processional with heraldic trumpeting.
4. Ptolemy's Ptune 1:39 Medium Eb Synth Boisterous, comedic, carousel-like waltz commemorating the looping, epicyclic flawed solar system model. Unsubtle.
5. Double Eclipse 2:39 Slow Cm Synth, Rhodes, Strings Rich, mellow synth lines meander over pulsing bass and shimmering Rhodes. Accessible, tonal, enchanting.
6. Marsopolis 5:24 Medium B Synth Happy, bouncing, hopeful, lilting.
7. Blues In L 3:20 Fast Db Synth Strong foreground music, bouncy, electronic.
8. Light Bounce 3:19 Fast C Synth Bouncy, happy, groovy.
9. Startalk 3:24 Fast C Synth, Rhodes Traveling music, bouncy, bass and electric piano.
10. "Take Me" 1:36 Slow F Strings Familiar tune, lush strings, pleasant.
11. Show Opening 2:18 N/A Eb Synth, Voices Imposing glissandi sweep to form triads, segues to windswept, lonely "Siren's Call".
12. "And There Was Light" 0:46 N/A Db Synth, Voices Awesome, sweeping, grandiose choir.
13. Mars Canals 3:42 Medium Am Synth, Strings Flowing, secretive, tranquil, contemplative.
14. Egyptian Pyramids 2:19 Slow Gb Synth, Voices Slow, dignified, reverent Mellotron chords.
15. Aztec Pyramids 1:41 Slow Eb Synth, Voices Haunting, repetitive melody, lonely chords.
16. Siren's Duet 2:48 N/A Em Synth Beckoning, cold, haunting "theremin".
17. Night Falls 3:14 N/A Eb Synth Ethereal, expansive, drifting, shimmering.
18. Technology 6:12 Fast Bb Synth Modern, up-tempo, perky, rhythmic, fanfare-ish.
19. Main Title Theme 3:27 Fast C Synth Triumphant, martial, up-tempo, rhythmic.
20. Orbits 1:39 Medium C Synth Simple, warm, wistful.
21. Jupiter 2:46 Slow Eb Synth, Voices Vast, melodic, sonorous, wandering.
22. Low Chords 4:06 N/A C Synth Sleepy, sonorous, primordial bass chords.
23. Frozen Rivers 4:09 N/A A Synth Solo horn, calling, lamenting, plaintive.
24. Transit 0:24 Medium C Synth, Strings Short orchestral transition, thematic to "Startalk".
25. Eclipse 1:15 Medium Ab Synth, Strings Thematic to "Startalk". Melodious, colorful, peaceful, orchestral.