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Disc 7
"The Grand Tour"

Sparkling specialties, as heard in "More Than Meets The Eye"

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. The Grand Tour 4:25 Medium C Synth, Piano, Drums Rich sweeping chords on constant clock-like rhythm.
2. The Ocean Of Space 3:39 N/A Cm Harp, Voices, Strings, Synth Rippling harp arpeggios, sustained choral and string chords.
3. The Seventh Planet 4:11 Medium Cm Synth, Voices, Strings Echoing bell arpeggios, sustained choral and string tremolos.
4. On To Orion 5:49 Medium C Synth, Flute, Drums, Voices, Cello Rich, textured chords on echoing hi-hat rhythm; recorder and cello melodies.
5. More Than Meets The Eye - Opening 0:57 Medium C Synth, Drums, Voices, Rhodes Pleasant, up-tempo soft-rock feel, mellow electric piano and subtle percussion.
6. More Than Meets The Eye - Closing 1:17 Medium C Rhodes, Synth, Drums, Voices As above.
7. Remembering Rhea 2:16 Fast D Rhodes, Drums, Synth :10 intro; sparkling, catchy melody over Rhodes piano and rhythmic sequence, to neutral background at 1:40.
8. Maria 2:25 Fast C Rhodes, Voices, Synth, Drums Same sparkling, catchy melody as "Remembering Rhea"; smoother feel, more flowing, light drums.
9. Star Gazing A 1:44 Medium C Rhodes, Drums, Synth An echoing, sprightly electric piano, light rhythmic hi-hat.
10. Star Gazing A - No Drums 1:44 Medium C Rhodes, Synth As above, sans drums.
11. Star Gazing B 2:45 Medium C Rhodes, Drums, Synth Variation on Star Gazing A; becomes more active 1:16 through 1:46.
12. Star Gazing B - No Drums 2:45 Medium C Rhodes, Synth As above, sans drums.
13. Star Gazing C 0:27 Slow Cm Rhodes, Drums, Synth A slow variation on Star Gazing A.
14. Star Gazing C - No Drums 0:28 Slow Cm Rhodes, Synth As above, no drums.
15. Star Gazing D 0:30 Medium Fm Rhodes, Drums, Synth Another variation on Star Gazing A; minor feel, a bit more contemplative.
16. Star Gazing D - No Drums 0:30 Medium Fm Rhodes, Synth As above, sans drums.
17. Andromeda Galaxy 2:54 Slow Cm Rhodes, Synth, Voices Slowly drifting, alluring, distant; minor 7 Rhodes chords, with ethereal choir voices.
18. Around Orion 1:41 Fast F Synth, Drums, Rhodes, Voices Up-tempo sweeping "traveling" music; bouncy percussion, ethereal choir voices with alternating active and relaxed mellow periods.
19. Destination: Jupiter 1:44 Medium Cm Synth, Drums, Rhodes Medium-slow tempo; electric piano arpeggios and light hi-hat.
20. Solar System Sojourn 3:28 Fast C Synth, Drums, Rhodes, Strings Echoing, up-tempo Rhodes, high string chords; more active periods with ethereal choir voices.
21. Star Cloud 3:33 Medium C Synth, Drums, Rhodes Echoing percussion underlies electric piano chords and arpeggios — medium-tempo soft-rock feel.
22. Summer Triangle 3:23 Medium C Rhodes, Synth, Voices, Drums Pleasant, soft-rock feel, mellow electric piano and subtle percussion.
23. Star Flight 0:51 Fast C Synth, Voices, Drums High-flying, up-tempo sequencer, rich choral and soft-rock echoing percussion.
24. Crystal City 0:46 Slow C Synth Shimmering belltones, mellifluous vocal harmonies.
25. Starshine 0:36 Medium C Voices, Synth Alternate version of "Crystal City". Shimmering belltones, mellifluous vocal harmonies.
26. Beautiful Barsoom 2:22 N/A Cm Voices, Rhodes Rhodes arpeggios, male choir voices. Understated, calm, peaceful.
27. Close Encounter 0:59 N/A - Piano, Synth, Orchestra Atonal orchestral chords, a shimmering suspended cymbal, and wind chimes slowly build and crescendo — but never reach a peak before fading. A sense of impending danger, close approach, or the unknown.
28. Crash Landing On Cryzylx 1:11 N/A - Synth, Piano, Orchestra Something approaches at a high speed, flashes by, and hits at :19; segues to a rich orchestral chord, highlighted by electronic echoes. Weird feel — a UFO crash, comet or meteor impact, Tunguska.
29. In The Beginning 1:48 N/A - Synth, Percussion The Big Bang explosion — begins with low rumble, explodes at :19, expanding galaxies segue at :27. Bell tones illustrate galaxies with an atonal feel. Hot spots at :59. Percussion echoes punctuate throughout.
30. Newly-Born Universe 1:59 N/A - Synth, Percussion 12 second build to colossal Big Bang explosion, atonal sounds; deep, enigmatic.
31. The Cloud Condenses 1:58 N/A - Wind, Synth Nebulous, gaseous, swirling; white noise, sparkles and arpeggios.
32. The Earth Evolves 3:40 Various Cm Synth, Orchestra 1 - deep, floating, primitive, infalling particles; 2 - steady pulse, bubbling; 3 - watery; 4 - orchestral tremolandi, anticipatory; 5 - plodding, screeching, immense; 6 - smooth, relief, pretty; 7 - adds chorus.
33. The Water Hole 1:23 N/A Bb Strings, Synth High sustained strings and bubbling electronic piano arpeggios.