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Disc 13
"Cosmic Construction Kit"

Short clips for assembling the pieces and parts of your universe

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Fanfare For Flight 0:31 Fast C Synth, Orchestra, Voices, Drums An up-tempo race, full orchestra, brass fanfares, and ethereal voices. Logo, identity. (See Disc 8/track 21 for version without brass.)
2. Waiting For Totality 0:44 Slow C Voices, Synth A clock-like rhythm underlies choral chords; anticipation and sonic resolution.
3. Ice Geysers 0:25 N/A C Synth, Strings, FX White-noise washes simulate geysering action, accompanied by high string arpeggios.
4. Flyaround 0:11 Fast Eb Voices, Rhodes, Synth Rhythmic strings, keyboard arpeggios provide a short, energetic transition.
5. Flyaround To Docking 0:31 Fast/Slow Eb Voices, Rhodes, Synth As above, segue at :09 to white-noise washes with high string arpeggios.
6. Clearing Its Orbit 0:43 N/A C Synth, FX Low, swirling bass and noise builds to high string arpeggios and washes.
7. Loki 0:40 Slow Cm Synth, Strings, FX Augmented and minor chords and low bubbling FX. Deep, desolate, haunting.
8. Plumes Of Triton 0:29 Slow Cm Synth, FX Descending arpeggios, occasional eerie, deep moans. Hollow, cold desolation.
9. Apogee 0:31 Slow G Synth Low drone and clocklike marimba set an anticipatory mood.
10. Conjunction 0:31 Slow C Synth, Strings Low string tremolandi builds, accented by occasional flute notes in a three-note riff.
11. Double Moon 0:32 Slow G Orchestra Two sets of chord swells, accented by harp arpeggios, setting a mood of achievement.
12. Stellar Evolution 1:00 N/A C Synth, FX Swirling noise builds to bright, high-pitched finality soaring above the chords.
13. Supernova 1987a 1:07 Slow Em Piano, Voices, FX, Synth Chords and voices giving a feel of impending doom, build to a great explosion at :21, settling down to sparkling bell-tone twinkles.
14. Pulsar 1:05 N/A C Synth, FX Rhythmic noise sweeps over resonant atonality. Starts out slow and speeds up.
15. Red Giant To Pulsar 1:42 Slow Cm Synth , FX Low filter sweeps, shimmering high bell-like tones, and fast sequencer beeps build to an explosion at :31; segues to pulsar sweeps as above; segues to faster pulsar at 1:15.
16. Antares 0:51 Slow Bbm Synth, Low strings Low, plodding organ theme contrasts with a high, bright ostinato and melody.
17. Betelgeuse 0:26 Slow Bbm Synth Similar to "Antares". Low, sonorous, plodding theme contrasts with higher ostinato melody.
18. Rigel 0:47 Slow Gm Synth, Voices Synth arpeggios set against a bass drone, set off by an unearthly wandering melody and a high angelic chorale.
19. Altair 0:53 Slow Gm Synth, percussion Low, trudging bass ostinato and chords march majestically beneath a wandering melody.
20. Beta Lyrae 0:33 Slow Cm Synth, FX Rhythmic marimba patterns wander over low, growling sweeps.
21. Epsilon Lyrae 0:36 Slow Cm Synth, FX Rhythmic marimba duet patterns wander over low, growling sweeps.
22. Vega 1:09 Medium G Synth, Voices Sparkling arpeggios shimmer over sustained choral chords giving a bright mood.
23. Globular Cluster 1:04 Slow Cm Synth, Voices Deep bass contrasts chiming arpeggios, providing a cool, wandering melody and mood.
24. Grand Galaxy 1:02 Medium G Orchestra Majestic, thematic chords and melody create a stirring mood of achievement.
25. Barred Spiral Galaxy 1:01 Medium G Orchestral As above, with less brass.
26. Galaxy Formation 1:27 Slow F FX, Synth, Rhodes Explosion leads to expansive chord melody; at :23, segues to stately, slower version of 'Grand galaxy' above.
27. Backyard Telescope 1:38 Medium C Synth, Voices. Walking bass ostinato, cheerful high synth and sparkles create a child-like feel of exploration.
28. Nebula Collapse 1:32 N/A C FX, Synth, Flute Swirling noise condenses to glowing sustained chords and a flute melody.
29. Event Horizon 1:11 Slow Cm Synth, Voices, Oboe Deliberate, marching bass line, descending voice wails as a counterpoint contrasting poignant oboe melody. Desolate, cold.
30. Flight To Auriga 0:43 Fast C Voices, Synth Sweet chords and choral melody segue to a traveling bass sequence.
31. Flight To Andromeda 1:46 Fast C Voices, Rhodes, Synth, Drums Traveling bass sequence, keyboard chords and choral lines create a proud, triumphant mood.
32. Candor Chasma Flyover 2:32 Fast C Voices, Synth, Orchestra, Drums Parody of 2001, Holst's 'Mars' in open with a nod to 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'. Similar to 'Flight To Andromeda' above.
33. Binary Star 0:59 Slow Cm Synth Floating tones wander through synth sparkles and a gentle melody.
34. Triple Star 1:03 Slow Am Synth , Voices Floating melody interweaves with synth arpeggio sparkles.
35. The Fly 0:58 Slow Cm Voices, Synth, Strings Wailing voices, high string ostinatos; mournful mood.
36. Another Black Hole 1:03 Slow Cm Synth, Voices, Strings Wailing voices and low string ostinatos; spooky mood.
37. Nebula To Red Giant 1:54 N/A C Synth, Voices, Strings Swirling noise collapses to pleasant, glowing sustained chords with synth sparkles. Swirling explosion at 1:35.
38. Nebula To Supernova 1:56 N/A C Synth, Voices, Strings As above, white noise explosion at 1:21, segue at 1:39 to 'Pulsar' sound.
39. Sunspots 0:40 Slow Am Synth Tonal arpeggios build hot, dramatic mood.
40. Solar Plasma 0:33 N/A Am Synth Ringing organ chords sustain an intense mood.
41. Sparkling Star 1:07 Fast C Synth, Voices Shimmering arpeggios echo against a backdrop of choral voices.
42. Triplet Stars 1:01 Fast F Synth, Voices Bouncy, happy patterns in various triple meters.
43. Triplet Planets 0:30 Fast F Synth, Voices Bouncy, happy patterns in various triple meters, with additional shimmers.
44. Water Planet 0:25 Slow Cm Harp, Voices Rippling arpeggios and voices suggest a dreamy ethereal mood.
45. Moonrise 0:46 Medium Cm Synth, Voices, Rhodes A pretty bell-like clockwork pattern of tones punctuated by flute and synth flourishes and low choral voices.
46. Twin Stars 0:45 Fast C Marimba Dance rhythms on marimba, in thirds. Cute, child-like.
47. Emergence 0:28 N/A C Synth, Voices Low pitched swell builds to major chord.
48. Spectroscopy 2:39 Medium C Synth, Voices Various textures, transitioning at 1:25 to 'Summer Solstice' (Disc 10/track 4) with different highlights. Cool, even march of chords and melody.
49. Elliptical Galaxies 0:43 Medium Cm Synth, Voices A duet of ascending and descending patterns.
50. Infalling 1:00 N/A Cm Synth Descending noise sweeps over bass drone, occasional high synth sprites, evokes mystery.
51. Lunar Eclipse 0:34 Fast Am Harp, Strings Harp arpeggios, sustained strings float together creating an ethereal aural landscape.
52. Nebular Formation 0:36 N/A C Synth Swirling noise evolves into sparkling chord and bell tones.
53. The Grand Formation 1:45 Slow C Orchestral, Voice Extended crescendo of chords, mixed swirling noise, awestruck voices, muted arpeggios, bass drum and bell, building to grand climax.
54. Variable Star 0:43 N/A N/A Synth Weird belltone wavers and shifts in a resonant environment; eerie mood.
55. Orbiting Earth 0:49 Medium C Synth, Voices Pleasant textures and melody evoking home. (Similar to Disc 12/tracks 4-7)
56. Orbiting Moons 0:43 Medium D Synth, Voices Thematic melody in thirds with shimmering high accents and walking bass line.
57. Moon Orbits 0:42 Medium A Synth, Voices As above, direct theme in thirds, a different key.
58. Orbital Shadows 0:34 Slow Dm Synth Walking bass below a similar theme.
59. Orbital Distances 0:31 Medium A Synth A pleasant melody weaving above a walking bass line, with shimmering synth tones above.
60. Moon Phases 0:35 N/A A Synth As above, with shimmering synth swirls and bell tone arpeggios up and down.
61. Moonset 0:30 Slow A Synth As above, with clock-like rhythm marimba.
62. Martian Moons 0:59 Slow C Synth, Voices Low ostinato and choral patterns with chimes evoke a solemn, grand environment.
63. Galilean Moons 0:59 Slow Cm Orchestral, Voices Somber, deliberate, processional with brass, wind swirls and backdrop of muted voices.
64. Jovian Rings 1:29 Slow Cm Strings, Percussion Thematically similar to 'Galilean Moons'. Heroic.
65. Saturnian Moons 1:15 Medium E Synth Thematic to 'Saturnesque' (Disc 12/track 9), though lighter; oboe and flute duet melody. Sentimental, pretty.
66. Molecules 7:27 Medium F Synth Various bouncy textures and melodies, sweeps and arpeggios. Echoing, happy, often child-like.