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Disc 8
"Galactic Wonders"

Rich orchestral scores and textures, from "The Mars Show" and our "Hubble" shows

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Seeker - Intro 0:47 N/A Cm Synth, Voices, Harp Floating, nebulous, sparkling, full; choral chords and harp arpeggios.
2. Seeker - Ending 1:04 N/A Fm Synth, Voices, Harp As in "Seeker Intro" above.
3. Are We Alone? 1:06 Slow Cm Synth, Voices Mysterious, searching.
4. Are We Still Alone? 1:24 Slow Cm Synth "Are We Alone?" variation.
5. IRAS Satellite 1:37 Slow Cm Synth "Are We Still Alone?" variation, adds "technology" sound.
6. Life Zone Planet - Venus 1:53 Medium Fm Synth Plaintive oboe melody over slow sequence.
7. Life Zone Planet - Mars 2:28 Medium Fm Synth, Voices Choral chords over slow sequence.
8. Clouds Upon Clouds 1:25 Medium Cm Synth Echoing bass sequence, glistening spacy chords, wafting melody, structured.
9. An Elusive Signal 1:23 Slow Bbm Rhodes, Synth, Voices Mysterious chords and choir, thematic to "Are We Alone?".
10. Radio Telescopes 2:28 Fast D Synth, Voices, Drums "Tech" synth, changing to radio beeps at :60, adds electric piano at 1:45.
11. The Mysteries Of Mars 2:00 Slow Fm Synth, Voices, Flute Mysterious flute plays primitive rhythms over a strong bass line.
12. Skywatch 3:35 Slow Ab Rhodes, Synth, Flute, Voices Lonely flute floats over coolly even Rhodes rhythm. Changes to synth chords at 1:36, sparkling bell tones at 2:26.
13. Between Two Planets 2:39 Medium Bb Rhodes, Voices, Cello, Synth Mellifluous cello melody in minor counterpoint with choir in major. Pretty, even, constant, rich.
14. Space 1:14 Slow C Synth, Voices Opening reminiscent of a familiar TV theme. Vast, grand, cool, hopeful feeling.
15. Phobos 2:23 Fast Gm Synth, Voices Cool, positive, steady, technological.
16. In Orbit 2:10 Slow C Rhodes, Strings, Voices, Orchestra Sonorous, dignified orchestral bass melody; leads to an orchestral peak, suggesting great achievement. Grand, solemn, positive.
17. Rhapsody On A Red Planet 3:26 N/A C Synth, Wind Desolate, abandoned, hauntingly beautiful. Ends with hopeful feel — contemplative, thoughtful.
18. A Community Of Worlds 2:12 Medium C Piano, Synth, Strings, Voices, Orchestra, Percussion Sparkling chords over choir and repeating piano bass, minor string transition at 1:10, builds to grandiose full orchestra finale at 1:42.
19. Destination: Mars 1:44 Slow Dm Piano, Synth, Strings, Orchestra, Percussion Contemplative, purposeful grand piano builds to full orchestral anthem. A good ending piece.
20. This Way To The Stars 3:00 Medium D Strings, Synth, Voices, Orchestra Grandiose full orchestra, transition to flute and majestic choral at 1:15.
21. Light Flight 3:20 Fast C Synth, Strings, Orchestra, Voices, Drums An up-tempo, constantly-building race, full orchestra and ethereal voices, transition to molto maestoso at 2:45.
22. Window On The Universe 1:45 Slow C Synth, Piano, Orchestra Trumpeting fanfare and grand orchestral hits; anthemic; strident; powerful.
23. Ground Tests 1:18 Medium C Synth, Voices Thematic to "Window On The Universe"; modern-day, moderate, tonal, calculating, technology.
24. Workarounds 3:09 Medium C Synth, Drums Funk bass and light drums with synth vocal melody and contemporary chord accents; fusion jazz feel, electronic, steady, syncopated.
25. Deconvolution 2:37 Medium F Synth, Drums Like "Workarounds", less jazzy; rich, full, gliding feel; piccolo trumpet accents; traveling.
26. Galactic Wonders 3:03 Medium Cm Synth, Voices Varying synth arpeggios and vocal pad sweeps; spacy, timeless, cool, continuing, stirring.
27. Black Holes 2:45 Slow Cm Synth Strange, eerie, weird, deep; repeating HTS melody; falling effects.
28. A Sky Full Of Galaxies 2:19 Slow F Synth, Voices Dreamy, shimmering, reverent, spacious, rich; choral and bells.
29. To The Ends Of The Universe 3:02 Slow Gm Synth, Voices, Strings Resolute, retrospection; calm, stirring, full; repeating piano calls and choral swells; achievement, finality.
30. Closer To Home 5:02 Medium Ab Synth, Voices, Piano, Percussion Bouncy bass, catchy vibe melody, percussion and choir accents and swells; cheerful, positive, mellow space pop swing.