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Disc 2
"Approaching The Giant"

Synthesizer effects and evocations of ancient and future mysteries

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Ozone 2:50 N/A Ab Synth Hypnotic, sweeping sequences.
2. Ozone With Theme Tag 0:51 N/A Ab Synth As above, with low bass theme.
3. The Destruction 3:08 Slow Eb Synth Pensive, searching, lonely, tense.
4. Solar Core 1:00 N/A - Synth Dramatic, fiery, "ringy", resolute.
5. Sun 2:59 Slow Bb Synth Fearsome, volcanic, powerful, chasmic.
6. Solar Wind 2:33 N/A Db Wind, Voices Empty, echoing, windswept.
7. Sunspots 1:39 Fast - Synth Galloping, bright.
8. Prominences 1:52 N/A - Synth Swirling, atonal.
9. Aurora 1:40 N/A - Synth Transparent, sparkling, bright.
10. Mercury 1:38 Fast Db Synth Echoing, bouncing.
11. Venus 2:21 Fast Gb Synth Traveling, moving.
12. Mars 2:08 Slow Eb Synth, Wind Windswept, primeval feel, somewhat ominous.
13. Ice Age 3:42 Slow Eb Synth, Wind, Strings, Voices Mysterious, dark, cold.
14. Little Ice Age 2:56 Slow Eb Synth, Wind, Strings Like "Ice Age"; lighter, more reflective.
15. Tunguska 2:05 Slow B Synth, Voices Growling bass line, somber, heavy.
16. Dies Irae 2:09 Slow Dm Synth, Voices Gregorian, heavy bass, powerful.
17. Ceres 2:20 N/A C Synth, Voices Desolate, cold.
18. The Ruins 3:34 N/A Gm Synth, Strings Ominous, desolate, fateful, somber.
19. Destiny 5:56 N/A Cm Synth, Voices Aimless, tentative, echoing, science-fiction-y.
20. Approaching The Giant 4:57 N/A Eb Synth Cold, echoing, sense of drama, probing.
21. Winds Of Jupiter 3:11 N/A Db Wind, Voices Wind with buried chords, mysterious, desolate.
22. The Force 1:39 N/A Ab Synth Mechanical, driving, cyclic.
23. Spaceship EVA 1:12 N/A - Synth Shimmering, bell-like
24. A UFO Swishes By 1:44 N/A - Synth Swishes, alien.
25. Ancient Martian City 5:55 N/A C Strings, Synth Shimmering strings, wistful, relaxed, dramatic interludes.
26. Interstellar Gas 5:11 N/A - Synth Thin, wistful, solitude.