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Disc 5
"The Quest"

Music from our 1981 show "Saturn: Before Voyager...and After", a Mythology suite, and Constellation Story Music

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Track/Title Time Tempo Key Instruments Description
1. Voyager 4:14 Medium Cm Synth, Rhodes, Voices Slow, effortless, drifting space music; deep, captivating.
2. Home Planet 3:42 Fast C Rhodes, Synth Lyrical, harmonious, lilting.
3. Minor Segue 0:58 N/A Cm Rhodes Growling, dark.
4. Voyager's Beginnings 1:17 Slow C Rhodes, Synth Gliding, radiant, space-echo.
5. Voyager Reprise 1:28 Slow C Rhodes, Synth As in "Voyager's Beginnings".
6. The Chase 2:56 Fast C Synth Ricocheting, pursuit, fast, newsy.
7. Great Red Spot 2:26 Fast C Synth, Voices, Percussion, Strings "The Chase", enhanced with majestic bass strokes, cymbal swells, string tremolandi and voices.
8. Floating Flurry 3:24 Fast Em Synth, Rhodes Subdued, glistening.
9. Icy Worlds 5:16 Medium Cm Synth, Rhodes Eerie, supernatural, strong bass notes.
10. Jovian Moons 3:45 Medium C Synth, Voices, Strings, Percussion "Icy Worlds", enhanced with echoing percussion, dramatic bass strokes, string tremolandi and voices.
11. Saturn 4:52 Medium C Synth Scintillating, tranquil, chimes and sequencer melody.
12. Beautiful Rings 2:26 Medium Bbm Synth Orchestral feel, flowing, pensive.
13. The Quest 5:28 Slow Cm Synth, Rhodes Persistent, moving, noble, grand.
14. Zeus 2:09 N/A Cm Synth Swirling wind and awesome bass drones, building, powerful.
15. Zeus Reprise 0:42 N/A Gm Synth As above, "Zeus".
16. Apollo 2:34 Fast Gm Synth High sequencer and sustained chords, searching, tranquil.
17. Apollo Reprise 0:57 Fast Gm Synth As above, "Apollo".
18. Aphrodite 2:52 Fast Cm Synth, Rhodes Calling, insistent, melodic, mysterious moments, changeable.
19. Orion 2:02 Fast Gm Synth Similar to "Apollo", echoing, bouncing sequencer, high bells punctuate.
20. Milky Way 1:32 Slow Gm Synth Swirling, rich, synthesizer string chords, reflective, shimmering.
21. Ursa Major 3:05 Medium Gm Marimba, Synth Simple, open, rhythmic, marimba-like melodies and sequences.
22. Medley I 3:31 Slow Gm Marimba, Synth Simple, open, rhythmic, marimba-like melodies and sequences.
23. Medley II 5:08 Slow Gm Marimba, Synth, Voices Simple, open, rhythmic, marimba-like melodies and sequences.
24. The Final Story 1:07 Slow Gm Marimba, Synth, Rhodes Reverent, building to chordal climax.
25. Walking Home 3:26 N/A - Sound effects Sound collage: a fellow walks home after the show, whistling the "Perseus" theme; people getting in cars, helicopter flies overhead, large tractor-trailer pulls up. He gradually forgets how the theme goes, and by the end, is whistling some other tune.