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Celestial Rhythms: NYC Live '85 with Jonn Serrie and Barry Hayes — 2015 CD-R

Music From Infinity — 2014 CD-R

Arcturian Archives — 2011 CD

Stella Novus — 2011 CD

Music from SpacePark360 — 2010 CD

A Gentle Rain Of Starlight — 2007 CD

'Tis The Season — 2002 CD-R

Stellar Collections — 2001 CD, 2012 CD-R

Anasazi — 1993 CD, cassette; 2010 CD-R

Fourth Universe — 1992 CD, cassette

West Of The Galaxy — 1987 cassette; 1990 CD

Double Eclipse — 1981 LP; 1999 CD-R

GEODESIUM — 1977 LP; 1999 CD-R

(All albums available as digital downloads too)

Mark C. Petersen has been creating space music using the nom-de-plume Geodesium for many years. He got his start at the University of Colorado when he was a music student and gained access to the School of Music's Moog Series III instrument. He began with transcriptions of Bach and Pachelbel, learning his craft and adding to his keyboard studio collection as he went. His planetarium space music career began at the University's Fiske Planetarium, and has grown over the years to include music and soundtracks for more than 60 planetarium shows, dozens of podcasts for 365 Days of Astronomy and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, video presentations for MIT's Haystack Observatory, plus many other multimedia presentations. Outside of the planetarium and science outreach world, Mark's music has been used for selected commercial soundtracks.

At the urging of many pleased planetarium patrons, Mark began releasing his music on commercial albums, beginning with the eponymous album GEODESIUM. Today, he has more than a dozen albums available. The music on most of the albums encompasses a style that has often been described as atmospheric and immersive, taking listeners on aural journeys throughout the cosmos. So far, the only two exceptions are his 2010 Music from SpacePark360 and the follow-up album Music From Infinity, which are wild rides through musical genres as diverse as acid, house, techno, trance, electronica, rock, and yes, some space music.

When not composing Geodesium music for soundtracks, Mark spends much of his time in video production and distribution of fulldome shows to theaters around the world. Mark is also an accomplished tuba player, and throughout his career has performed with community bands and brass quintets.

  • May 2003: Charles Hayden Planetarium, Boston, Massachusetts
  • July 1994: International Planetarium Society conference, Cocoa, Florida
  • July 1988: Ethyl Universe Planetarium, Richmond, Virginia, with Jonn Serrie and Barry Hayes
  • May 1987: Armagh Planetarium, Armagh, Northern Ireland, U.K.
  • May 1987: Hayden Planetarium, New York City, with Jonn Serrie
  • May 1985: Hayden Planetarium, New York City, with Jonn Serrie and Barry Hayes [Celestial Rhythms: NYC Live '85]
  • May 1987: Ocean County College Planetarium, Toms River, New Jersey, with Jonn Serrie and Barry Hayes
  • September 1978: Fiske Planetarium, Boulder, Colorado
  • May 1977: Fiske Planetarium, Boulder, Colorado, with musical sawyer Jim Turner
  • For Loch Ness Productions:
    • Seasonal STARGAZING (2007)
    • HUBBLE Vision 2 (2004)
    • Sky Quest, narrated by Roxann Dawson (2004)
    • Oceans In Space, narrated by Avery Brooks (2003)
    • MarsQuest, narrated by Patrick Stewart (2001)
    • Light Years From Andromeda, narrated by Michael Dorn (1997)
    • Hubble Vision (1994)
    • 'Tis The Season, narrated by Noah Adams (1993)
    • The Cowboy Astronomer, narrated by Baxter Black (1993)
    • More Than Meets The Eye (1993)
    • Magellan: Report From Venus (1992)
    • Hubble: Report From Orbit (1991)
    • Larry Cat In Space (1990)
    • The Voyager Encounters, narrated by Patrick Stewart (1989)
    • Voyager 2 At Neptune (1989)
    • The Mars Show, narrated by Patrick Stewart (1988)
    • Voyager 2 At Uranus (1986)
    • All Systems Go! (1983)
    • Saturn: Before Voyager and After (1981)
    • Light Years From Andromeda (1980)
  • For the American Museum-Hayden Planetarium, New York, NY:
    • Voyage To The Outer Worlds (1986)
    • Comet Halley: Once In a Lifetime, narrated by William Shatner (1985)
  • For the Bishop Planetarium, Bradenton, FL:
    • Spaceship Earth (1992)
    • The Power (1989)
  • For Antares Fulldome Productions, Barcelona, Spain:
    • Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing (2010)
    • Chronicle of a Journey to Earth (2010)
    • The Birth of the Solar System (2010)
  • For the Astronaut Memorial Hall Planetarium, Cocoa, FL:
    • The Language of Vision (1986)
  • For Caedmon Records:
    • Comet Halley: Once In A Lifetime, narrated by Leonard Nimoy (1985)
  • For Dome3D, Elmhurst, IL:
    • SpacePark360: Infinity (2014)
    • SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition (2010)
  • For the Delta College Planetarium, Bay City, MI:
    • The Night Sky, narrated by Sandy Wood (2006)
  • For the Einstein Planetarium, National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC:
    • Sky Quest, narrated by Roxann Dawson (1996)
  • For the Fiske Planetarium, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO:
    • Outbound: The Planet File (1988)
    • The Little Prince (1978)
    • The Boulder Climate Connection (1978)
    • The Universe Factor (1977)
    • Voice Of The Martian Wind (1977)
    • The Answer, narrated by William Shatner (1976)
    • The Search (1976)
    • The Wanderers (1976)
    • SuperStar (1976)
    • Stardeath (1975)
  • For Gates Planetarium, Denver, CO:
    • The Aztec Skywatchers (1992)
    • Adventures In Deep Space (1991)
    • The Forgotten Sky (1982)
    • The Voyager Encounters (1981)
    • The Martian Stargazers, narrated by Jonathan Harris (1979)
  • For the International Dark-Sky Association, Tucson, AZ:
    • Losing the Dark (2013)
  • For the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Science, Peoria, IL:
    • The Cosmic Climate Connection (1989)
  • For the Lally Multimedia Planetarium, The Junior Museum, Troy, NY:
    • The Molecularium (2002)
    • The Spirit of Discovery(1999)
  • For the McDonnell Star Theater, St. Louis, MO:
    • The Great Star Detective (1989)
    • Alien Whispers, narrated by Mark Lenard (1988)
    • Chronotiscity (1987)
    • Little Star That Could (1987)
    • Return of the Comet (1986)
    • Lightwaves, narrated by Robin Curtis (1986)
    • Gateway to Infinity, narrated by James Earl Jones (1985)
  • For the Mueller Planetarium, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE:
    • The Point of No Return: Quasars and Supermassive Black Holes (2004)
    • The History of Mueller Planetarium (1983)
    • The History of NASA (1983)
  • For the Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT:
    • Perceptions, narrated by Jennifer Lien (1995)
  • For the Phipps IMAX Theater, Denver, CO:
    • We Are Travelers (1984)
    • Denver Currents (1983)
  • For the Seymour Planetarium, Springfield Science Museum, Springfield, MA:
    • Oceans In Space, narrated by Avery Brooks (1997)

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Album photos
Geodesium album photo
Geodesium (1977)
Double Eclipse album photo
Double Eclipse (1981)
Fourth Universe album photo
Fourth Universe (1992)
Anasazi album photo
Anasazi (1993)
Stellar Collections album photo
Stellar Collections (2001)
Music from SpacePark360 album photo
Music from SpacePark360 (2010)
Geodesium Arcturian Archives album photo
Arcturian Archives (2011)
May 2003 — Concert at Charles Hayden Planetarium, Boston
Concert promo pic
Concert promo pic
Concert composite
Playing to Darryl Davis's lasering
Concert composite
Playing to the Zeiss
Performance pic
At no time do his fingers leave his hands...
Performance pic
Ah, the ground loop problem is solved...
Post-concert, with former Hayden director Larry Schindler
Post-concert demonstrations
Post-concert explanations

Thanks to Hayden staff: Noreen, Darryl, Wade, Chuck, and Robin. Photography by Jenn Tuomala.

March 2002 — "Star Trails" Feature in Sky & Telescope
Mark and keys
February 1995 — Feature on CNN's "Showbiz Today"
Studio wide shot
Interview #1
Interview #2
Studio closeup shot

The pictures are so dark because I think they were trying for some artsy "space-like" lighting.

May 1987 — A concert with Jonn Serrie, American Museum-Hayden Planetarium
Mark and Jonn set up their gear
Another angle (Annie Serrie looks on)
Formal concert attire
Mark ponders set up
Less formal concert attire
July 1986 — The "Celestial Rhythms" trio
Mark, Jonn, Barry Mark, Jonn Serrie, and Barry Hayes at the International Planetarium Society conference in Tucson, Arizona.
November 1981 — Other pix from the Double Eclipse photo session
In the control room
Tweaking the mix
Carolyn and Mark listen to the mix
First album release — Local press
Rocky Mountain News - November 1977
Boulder Daily Camera - February 1978