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Double Eclipse

Double Eclipse, the second Geodesium album, was produced in 1981. NASA used some of the selections during its TV coverage of the Voyager Encounters at Saturn and Uranus. It consists of nine electronically-realized musical compositions. Of the five original works, one is a clever bouncy tune featuring two electronic "dancers" and a synthesizer rock drummer. Two space-music-style pieces musically explore the inter-galactic reaches. Another work is a driving and intense rocker, and one is the world's first electronic-disco-bluegrass combination — a real toe-tapper! There are four transcriptions: J. S. Bach and Johannes Pachelbel for the classical music enthusiast, and two contemporary works by Wilke Renwick and W. Francis McBeth.

The original vinyl LP has been out of print for many years. In 1999, the album was digitally remastered, with a bonus track from the same time period not included on the original: a 6-minute piece called Lightspell. First recorded as entrance music for the 1980 version of the planetarium show "Light Years From Andromeda," only a couple dozen copies were distributed, so it's a rarity!

The professionally-replicated CD-R is provided in a poly-wrapped jewel case; its booklet and tray card recreate the liner notes and the original color artwork used for the LP cover.

1. Night Tripper A driving, intense rocker, introducing the Geodesium drummer.
2. Voyager Space music at its best, with floating melodies and ethereal chords.
3. Fugue in G Major ("The Jig") A faithful "orchestration" of this Bach favorite.
4. Double Eclipse A haunting description of the mysterious, heavenly spectacle of a total solar eclipse.
5. Masque A 36-track realization of the score to W. Francis McBeth's contemporary classic.
6. Dance on the Sun Geodesium in "rock band" form; a happy, bouncy tune with an improvised "jam session."
7. Canon in D Pachelbel's famous chamber music work, heard with the unique clarity of the synthesizer orchestra.
8. Dance for Brass Quintet A quick, odd-metered dance by contemporary composer Wilke Renwick.
9. Cosmic Cannonball The world's only electronic-disco-bluegrass combo, complete with git-down banjo pickin' from noted banjoist Eric Holle.
CD Bonus Track:
10. Lightspell
A sequencer-based, moving space music flight, in the style of Voyager.