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Space Music...from the Dawn of the Second Millennium

Released in December 1993, this album contains two half-hour-long impressionistic "suites" of music with a Southwestern flavor.

The "Anasazi" suite prominently features sampled sounds of flutes, drums and voices in addition to the synthesizers. The "Aztec" suite intermingles guitars and pan flutes with wind chimes, percussion, voices and harp.

The music should appeal to those who enjoy 'world music' and even 'Native' music, in addition to the electronic-instrumental music and New Age devotee. This album has also been featured on the radio shows "Musical Starstreams", "Echoes", and on many public and college stations around the world.

The first commercial pressing of the CD sold out years ago. Now, the professionally-replicated CD-R is provided in a poly-wrapped jewel case; its full-color booklet, tray card and disc labeling are basically identical to the 1993 original.

1. Call Of The Canyon Deep, majestic, mystical string tremolos surround an Indian flute call, giving voice to the opening theme.
2. Anasazi Dramatic, commanding ceremonial drum strokes accompany strong flute calls, heralding the coming of the Anasazi — dynamic, resourceful people with a strength of purpose matching the beauty and majesty of their Chaco Canyon home.
3. Wijiji A thundering bass voice and low flute melody bring forth the spirit of the silent Anasazi city, left in ruins by the passage of time.
4. Water Prayer Flowing water, reed pipes and primitive kalimba sounds evoke the serene, reverent spirit of a Chacoan youth, kneeling beside the life-giving stream to give thanks for its bounty.
5. Chetro Ketl A noble grand piano, harp and floating voices evoke the peaceful end to a busy day in another Chaco village.
6. Chaco Twilight An evocative and lyrical oboe melody depicts the last rays of the sun shimmering over the desert landscape, giving way to a full orchestral remembrance of sunset in the turquoise skies over Chaco.
7. Summer Solstice An upbeat bass pattern underneath electric piano and plucked harp remind us of this most important part of the year for the Anasazi, a celebration of life and bounty.
8. Shadows on Sandstone The Anasazi flute melody plays over a contemporary bass and marimba sequence, bringing to mind a modern-day perspective on the remains of the Anasazi's ancient home.
9. Sun Dogs A bright uptempo, driving jazz fusion combo comps behind the thematic flute, reminding us that the Anasazi are gone, but their artifacts remain as anachronistic reminders of ancient rhythms in a fast-paced world.
10. Cycles of Night Gentle, pretty and flowing classical guitar arpeggios, pan pipes and wafting voices evoke the spirit of the ancient Aztec.
11. Tenochtitlan he grandest city in all of ancient Mexico lives again in stately processional of piano, harp, flute, drums and percussion music.
12. Tianquiztli Shimmering, dreamy choral voices and pastoral low flutes herald the passage of the stars of sacred Tianquiztli — the Pleiades.
13. Stars Over The Pyramid Flute melodies over electric piano and cabasa rhythms paint a pretty, reflective, pleasant, even ballad, celebrating the loveliness of the night sky
14. The Warrior Awaits Relentless, mysterious voices and tension-building percussion depict the ritual intensity of the Aztec warrior as he waits for the coming battle.
15. Tezcatlipoca Sinuous, percussive, echoing sequences evoke sleek images of the black jaguar god of the Aztec — the trickster who came and went like smoke.
16. The Great Temple Grandiose gongs, low arco strings, flute and wind chimes combine in a vast, majestic piece painting a tone-portrait of the stately and sacred Templo Mayor.
17. People of the Sun Spanish-style guitar arpeggios, an echoing marimba melody and galloping drums and shakers give life once again to the ancient Aztec, as the People of the Sun melded with the Spanish conquistadors who changed their lives forever.