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Fourth Universe

In Fourth Universe, Mark expands on many of the musical ideas first expressed in West Of The Galaxy. Eighteen musical settings showcase the best music from planetarium soundtracks produced during 1986-1991. It has been featured on "Music From The Hearts Of Space" and "Musical Starstreams", and sold thousands of copies throughout the U.S. at Natural Wonders stores.

Mark uses Emulator and synthesizer sounds to create his unique brand of planetarium space music. From the desolate planet-scapes of Mars to flights of fantasy through deep space, the music portrays magnificent visions of the universe, all with the rich textures that are the signature of the Geodesium sound.

This is our best-selling album, recommended for those just starting out. With its variety of styles, Fourth Universe is sure to please nearly every taste.

The commercially-pressed CD is provided in a spine-labeled, shrink-wrapped jewel case, with full-color cover, tray card and disc labeling.

1. Sailing To Neptune A positive, hopeful space anthem that transports the listener on an outer planet odyssey.
2. Deep Blue Harp arpeggios float against rich choral chords... the epitome of space music... restful, pacific, Holst-ian in scope, astronomy for the ears.
3. Moon Without A Name The outer solar system is filled with icy moons... each one dark and nameless until space probes swept past. This searching, wistful but purposeful theme reflects the spirit of exploration that provided the first glimpses...
4. Travel With Me An aural invitation to experience the rich beauty of the universe; majestic music for the listener's imagination to soar to the stars.
5. The Seventh Planet Uranus... cold and lonely, mysterious... bell arpeggios float over sustained choral and strings tremolos to evoke the grandeur of the distant world.
6. Closer To Home A cosmic dance... a catchy vibe melody accented by choir and bouncy bass lines. Cheerful and upbeat, mellow space music.
7. Interstellar Mission To explore the darkness between the stars... An echoing, serious bass sequence, with piano and harp chordal melody, describing the depths of space.
8. To The Ends of the Universe The contemplation of infinity... calm introspection... a resolute stirring of the soul... a vision of fulfillment...
9. Around Orion A three-dimensional flight around the distinctive constellation; traveling music featuring bouncy percussion and ethereal choir — on the road, among the stars!
10. Galactic Wonders A wispy nebula floats in space, galaxies wheel through the cosmos... planets circle in silent tribute around their suns... double stars dance around each other... this timeless, cool music evokes rich stirring visions...
11. Deconvolution A rich, full, gliding sound with a syncopated jazz feel... piccolo trumpet accents accompany the universal traveler.
12. A Sky Full of Galaxies Dreamy, shimmering, reverent, spacious... the sky from a planet surrounded by a panorama of galaxies. The untold riches of the universe laid out before our eyes in cool splendor.
13. Solar System Sojourn A frenzied dash across the orbits of planets, to visit the denizens of the Sun... Choral voices, strings and a lilting melody tease the imagination with the rich promises of exploration...
14. The Mysteries of Mars Primitive rhythms and a lonely flute melody accompany us on our explorations, as we sift beneath the rusty sands to understand the Red Planet.
15. Life Zone Planet A plaintive oboe melody and choral chords paint the landscape of Mars, the only other place in the Solar system capable of harboring life.
16. Phobos The signature music of the Martian outpost is cool and rhythmic, clear and lyrical.
17. In Orbit A massive interplanetary spaceship floats in orbit above the Earth. ready to carry the first human explorers outward... a sonorous, dignified orchestral bass melody revels in great achievement.
18. Rhapsody On A Red Planet Desolate, abandoned, hauntingly beautiful, Mars may become humanity's second home. Listen to the call of the Red Planet's beckoning winds, sifting through your imagination...