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A poetic and musical vision of Earth from Space

Bella Gaia shows you how humans and nature are connected, and how art and science are connected. It's an exploration of the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem through time and space.

A "Living Atlas" journey of our planet, Bella Gaia creates a direct experience and connection with the creative forces of Earth with fulldome NASA scientific visualizations, guided by the ecstatic music of Kenji Williams.

It's an unprecedented audiovisual experience that combines satellite imagery of Earth, time-lapse nature photography, and cultural heritage scenes with stirring musical performances.

From ancient Egyptian tombs, Indian rituals, cherry blossoms, and city scenes in Tokyo and New York, this beautiful fulldome show explores the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem through time. It illuminates humanity's impact on nature in a way that taps audiences' emotional intelligence.

Inspired by astronauts who experienced the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space, filmmaker and composer Kenji Williams created BELLA GAIA to simulate a transformation called the "Overview Effect".

Working closely with NASA's scientific visualization studio, the award-winning fulldome show BELLA GAIA successfully simulates space flight, taking the audience on a spectacular journey around planet Earth. Scientific research suggests that our neurochemistry opens the door to cognitive learning through emotional and right-brain engagement. Without this deeper, memorable experience, the human brain does not learn. Humans absorb what they feel, not what they are taught, and this is what drives action.

After one BELLA GAIA performance, NASA-funded survey results showed a 90% conversion rate in audience members reporting a greater understanding of our planet, many viewers felt a more personal connection with Earth.

NASA has recognized BELLA GAIA's ability to engage and inspire a wide demographic, and recently awarded a significant grant for BELLA GAIA's education platform for K-12 students across the country.

Take YOUR audiences on this inspiring journey across the face of our planet so that they, too, can enjoy the same awesome views and feelings that astronauts enjoy each time they live and work in space. It may well be the most beautiful, moving, and educational experiences you have in your dome.

GENRE icon Running time: 25:00
Suitable for: General Public
Information about: Earth, Space
Year of production: 2014

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