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MOVIE SIZE For systems projecting circles that are: 50-YEAR LICENSE PRODUCT CODE
SMALL smaller than 1300 pixels $4,100 OGR1-S
MEDIUM 1300 to 2000 pixels
(or prewarped)
$5,300 OGR1-M
LARGE 2000 to 3000 pixels $9,400 OGR1-L
X-LARGE larger than 3000 pixels
(or sliced for multiple projectors) [?]
$20,000 OGR1-X

1) Note the  PRODUCT CODE  for the movie you want. You'll need to enter it on our order form.

2) You'll also need to tell us the fulldome projector system that will show the movie — Digitarium Epsilon, Digistar 4 SP2HD, MEDIAGLOBE-II, etc.

From those, we can usually deduce the next two data items, but it would be good for you to confirm them too (especially if you have a custom configuration):

3) The optimal resolution of the projector display (not the computer screen) — 1400x1050 pixels, 1920x1080, etc.

4) The movie format — MPG, MOV, WMV, etc. Check our Recommendations page to help determine which movie format is right for you.

We do not need to know your dome diameter, or number of seats. However, it is always useful to have that data for your theater's listing in the LNP FULLDOME THEATER COMPENDIUM.

Our fulldome shows are made in fisheye circle form, and ship as ready-to-play movies, with audio and video files encoded/sliced/prewarped in formats and resolutions compatible with today's projector systems. We do not ship dome masters. [Why?] We record the files onto data DVDs, USB Flash or external drives. We'll use FedEx to ship hard drives.

In addition to the featured show, we also provide the fulldome and flat-screen versions of the trailer posted here. Poster graphics and other promotional material can be downloaded from the producer's Web site.

Our shows include a performance license, which basically provides you the permission you need to present the show to the public. The license term for this show is 50 years. Take a look!

In order to receive authorization for public performance, the responsible party for the theater or institution needs to agree to the performance terms of the show's license by signing the License Agreement. When we ship the order, we include two copies of the License Agreement, signed by the producer. The responsible party then signs both copies, and returns one to the producer. When received by the producer, the License Agreement is in effect.

While it may be possible to play videos directly from our distribution media, we expect you'll copy our files onto your fulldome system for optimum performance. We provide pre-written play scripts for some systems; others will simply edit button scripts or enter the necessary system commands to load and play the movies.

Most single-projector fulldome shows are ready to deliver within 24-48 hours; multi-projector shows usually within 3-4 days. If custom slicing is involved, contact us for a delivery estimate.

After we process your order, we send an e-mail message with the delivery details (including FedEx tracking number if there is one). For prepaid orders, the message can also be printed as your receipt. We will not process credit card charges until your order is packaged and ready to deliver.

If we're shipping a package, we include inside an itemized packing list, and a cash or credit card receipt for prepaid orders.

Digital delivery - FREE

Dropbox iconFor most individual show orders in the SMALL size category, delivery by Dropbox can be a practical option. All the show folders and files are zipped into a downloadable package, usually less than 4GB in size. We send you a password-protected link to the Dropbox archive; you have 7 days to download it before the password expires.

For MEDIUM size shows, Dropbox delivery might also be an option, but please contact us first. Some shows in this size category can be 20GB in file size or more; it depends on the show and format. When zip files get much larger than 4GB, downloads via browser protocols get trickier, maintaining a steady link connection for long periods of time is more difficult, and Internet bandwidth becomes a real consideration — especially for us. Uploads require way more bandwidth and available connection time. You may have great Internet speeds at your location; we seldom do. Shipping a conventional package may be a more efficient delivery method.

Package delivery fees

FedExFedEx delivery
Delivery: usually within 3 days
Express Saver$15
IntlInternational Priority
Delivery: usually within 3 days
Per packageContact us

For orders involving hard drives,
we will use FedEx, not USPS.

USPSUSPS delivery
USPriority Mail
Delivery: usually within 3 days
Per package$7

FedEx customers: To bypass our handling charge, provide your FedEx account number, and we'll simply check "Bill Recipient" on the airbill.

International customers: You are responsible for paying any applicable import duties and customs fees. When we fill out the required U. S. Customs form, we will not declare a fraudulent value for our shipment. Please do not ask us to do so.

We accept U.S. Dollars in many forms:
Cash, money orders and personal checks Cash Money Order Check
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards Visa MasterCard Discover American Express
Payment through PayPal; but contact us for details first. PayPal
Wire transfers, for an additional US$30 fee. Our bank's account and routing information are printed on the invoice we will send you for approval, after we receive your order. Wire transfer
Purchase orders from approved institutions. Our standard terms are Net 30 Days, with no discounts allowed. Include your P.O. number in the message area of our order form. Be sure to include the delivery method and cost on the P. O.!

We can provide a W-9 Form as a PDF, on request. We usually include a printed one with a snail-mailed invoice.

Our FEIN/Tax ID Number is: 26-1628495
Purchase order
We do NOT accept:
Sight or demand drafts, or checks drawn on non-U.S. banks. No good

Need a quote?

All product prices here on our Web site are current, and we publish any changes here first. As long as you have refreshed the product page recently (check the update in the footer), you can just print it from your browser and you'll have one.

If you still want a more formal quote, please select the  ORDER FORM  button above to fill out and submit our online order form. This will give us all the site, billing, and delivery method data we'll need. Then simply put "SEND A QUOTE" in the message area.

Are we "sole source?"

Yes and no. For a full explanation, go here.

Multiple Copies of Movies

Ordinarily, the shows we distribute are licensed for installation on a single playback system and/or site.

But maybe you need multiple copies of your movies because your institution operates two or more fulldome systems. Or let's say you already have large and sliced video movie files, and then get an additional portable fulldome system and need smaller movies to run on it.

For these situations, you'll need to contact us about extending the license from the first show to cover additional installations. We'll contact the show's producer to get you a price.

Projector/Movie Upgrades

Let's say you already have our fulldome movies at a small size, but then choose to upgrade to a higher resolution projector system and need to get new, larger movies. You retire your lower-resolution system and no longer run the movies installed on it.

For this situation, you'll need to contact us about transferring the license you received with your first show to cover your new installation. We'll contact the show's producer to get you a price.