Our Recommendations for Movie Sizes and Slicing

Here is our list of fulldome systems that we know have successfully played the shows we distribute. If a model isn't listed, it just means our shows haven't been tested on them yet — but as far as we know, every fulldome system on the market can play our movies!

Ash Enterprises Warped Media Older projector MEDIUM 1408 circle MOV
HD projector MEDIUM 1920 circle MOV
AVI OmniStar All models MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
- custom - spherical mirror Older systems using Werewolf or Paul Bourke's WarpPlayer MEDIUM 1408 circle MOV
Modern systems - using VLCWarper player MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
Digitalis Education Solutions Digitarium Alpha, Alpha 2 SMALL 768 circle MPG
Kappa MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
Lambda LARGE 2560 circle MPG
All other models SMALL 1024 circle MPG
ePlanetarium Discovery Dome Fisheye MEDIUM 1408 circle MOV Mac
1600 circle MPG PC
Newtonian mirror - VLCWarper player MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
Newtonian mirror - MEDIASHOW player MEDIUM 1920 prewarped MOV
The Elumenati Omnifocus 1K models SMALL 1024 circle MPG
Other models MEDIUM 1920 circle WMV
Evans & Sutherland Digistar SP, SP2 MEDIUM 1408 circle MPG
SP HDQ MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
SP2 HD MEDIUM 1920 circle MPG
SP2 HDQ MEDIUM 2560 circle MPG
CRT, DLP, D-ILA, SXRD (JVC, Christie), 4K, Laser SLICED sliced MPG
Electrosonic All models May require additional slicing/encoding [*] SLICED sliced MPG
GOTO INC VIRTUARIUM II see Evans & Sutherland Digistar
Super MEDIAGLOBE-II, Σ LARGE 2560 circle MPG
R.S.A. Cosmos InSpace System 1C HD MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
May require additional slicing/encoding [*] SLICED sliced MPG
Sky-Skan Definiti PD, ONE, Solo All single-projector models SMALL 1024 circle MPG
Definiti Theaters May require additional slicing/encoding [*] SLICED sliced MPG
Science First / STARLAB Digital STARLAB Older models - use QuickTime player from desktop SMALL 1024 circle MOV
Ares - use VLC player from desktop SMALL 1600 circle MPG
Spitz SciDome older models SMALL 1024 circle MPG
1600 MEDIUM 1600 circle MPG
HD older models MEDIUM 1920 circle WMV
HD newer models MEDIUM 1920 circle MPG
XD LARGE 2560 circle MPG
XL, 4K
May require additional encoding [*]
X-LARGE 4096 circle MPG
Carl Zeiss AG All Powerdome models May require additional slicing/encoding [*] SLICED sliced MPG

Hardware manufacturers may change their specifications and supplied software and player applications without notice, which has the potential to affect playability of our movies. Problems usually occur from the manufacturer shipping their system without the proper codecs. The usual fix is simply to install the missing or current codec for the operating system to use when the player application calls to it.

About non-sliced 4K movies

[*] The "state of the art" when it comes to making 4k movies is currently a moving target. Some systems require use of specific video graphics cards and custom or proprietary software to play movies. As of this writing, we can make 4096x4096px MPG movies. But, in order to verify they will play back smoothly on your specific system, we would actually have to try them on your system. They should play, of course. However, if there are issues, we'll have to resort to Plan B, and adjust our encoding settings in some way. Trial-and-error isn't the most efficient method of operation, but there we are.

Instead of us iterating various bitrate and compression encoding settings, you may want us to provide your movie to your hardware vendor for encoding. That way they can verify the encode will play on the hardware they sold you. Contact us about costs for this service.

About slicing

Some multi-projector edge-blended systems require pre-slicing of a show's images into the individual channels needed for each projector. For Digistar-based fulldome systems, we use ESVideo to encode/slice.

[*] But — some theaters may have non-standard configurations, or require the use of proprietary software to slice. In those cases, we'll need to contract with your system provider for some custom encoding. Contact us about costs for this service.