MUSICA — Why is the Universe Beautiful?

Why am I inspired by beauty?

An elegant, artistic view of the universe, informed by music, mathematics, and physics.

The sound of a forest, a flower, a sunset, the beautiful objects that move through the vast panoply of stars and galaxies that arches overhead... why is it so inspiring?

This simple question sets off a thought-provoking and sensory exploration of the cosmos led by "Musica" — a modern embodiment of the ancient idea of the music of the spheres, first expressed by the philosopher Pythagoras. His teachings and writings struck the developing spark for much of our modern science. MUSICA — Why is the Universe Beautiful? presents the idea that art, music, physics, and mathematics are all integral, part of the exquisite beauty of the cosmos.

The show begins with a young woman, mesmerized by the beauty of nature, who asks, "Why do I sense beauty?" Her question sets in motion a series of scenes that take audiences on a voyage of discovery—from the DNA in our cells, to the spiral designs hidden in a sunflower and the ominous beauty of a typhoon, to the spiral grandeur of galaxies.

Her guide to the cosmos is a quiet pianist who introduces himself as "Musica" and uses sound and the concepts of harmony and harmonics to show her how math and physics unite music and nature. Thus begins a timeless conversation. Every question she asks allows Musica to show the physics and math equations behind something as simple as the placement of leaves on a sunflower stalk to the arrangement of stars in a galaxy. The more she asks, the more Musica can tell her about the cosmos, until she asks a question that surprises even him.

MUSICA — Why is the Universe Beautiful? is an unusual educational and entertaining fulldome show that nourishes our artistic senses. At the same time, it teaches what every scientist, musician, and artist knows intuitively: how the physics of sound and color, and the physical laws of nature that contribute to music and art, combine to create and govern everything in the universe. Musica, by using sound as a metaphor, gives us a new yet ancient way to look at the universe.

Created by Hiromitsu Kohsaka, producer of the highly acclaimed fulldome show Hayabusa: Back to the Earth, MUSICA — Why is the Universe Beautiful? has been translated for English-speaking audiences from its original Japanese, and features gorgeous visualizations and music.

If you use your theater to teach physics, astronomy, and math, this show brings a new, imaginative, and cross-disciplinary way to present these topics to your audiences. Music and art students will automatically understand what Musica is trying to tell us: that art, science, and mathematics all combine to open our eyes to the beauty of the universe. From school students to family groups, all will enjoy and remember this unique way to see the art and physics of the universe.

GENRE icon Running time: 26:00
Suitable for: General Public, school audiences in physics, math, art, music
Information about: Music, mathematics, astronomy, nature, beauty, physics.
Year of production: 2013

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