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SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition

An out of this world theme park, with a thrill ride at every planet in the solar system — and music by Geodesium!

SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition is an immersive entertainment show for fulldome theaters — an amusement park with its rides placed throughout the solar system. It's an "E Ticket Ride" — of astronomical proportions!

If you're a theme park ride afficionado, you may recognize some of these famous behemoth rides... but you probably never imagined them at such extra-terrestrial locations.

Audio-visual experiences like these are what make your dome theater environment unique. Whether you choose to show all nine rides as a standalone feature, or opt to offer a single ride as a special "encore" or "dessert" after your main presentation, SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition will be an unforgettable treat for audiences of all ages.

What it is

SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition is a set of fulldome movies designed to recreate the experience of amusement park thrill rides — roller coasters, pendulums, inverters, and more. Seen from the rider's perspective, audiences experience the apparent motion from the visual display, while reveling in the surrounding music and sound effects custom created specifically for the scenes. There's no narration, no science education standards or curriculum objectives; just some wild ride experiences, fantastic music, and a ton of fun!

License Individual Rides...

Each individual ride in SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition begins on the bridge of a futuristic spaceship that's transporting you on your tour of the solar system. The ship's monitor screens display some quick facts about the location and the attraction; the ride is previewed as a "wire-frame" model, so you'll get an idea of what's in store for you. The transporter doors iris open... and away we go!

Just one dizzying ride will provide enough stimulation for some audiences, especially younger age groups. Ordering rides a la carte allows you to pick and choose the ones you like best, and can provide some relief if your budget dollars are feeling stretched.

You can also mix and match rides from SpacePark360: Infinity and SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition — they're all stylistically compatible.

...or All Nine as a Complete Show!

For more adventurous programmers, the full-length show provides a unique, new alternative to offer those late-night light show crowds looking for the latest "eXtreme eXperience". It provides an introductory "glamour pass" of the SpacePark360 transport ship, which then segues into the first ride, Quicksilver. The rest of the rides follow in sequential order, but rather than having a flash of credits at the end of each one (as the individual movies have), they're all in one extended finale sequence, which segues from the last ride, Diablo.

When you get the full-length show, we also provide all nine individual rides as standalone movies in addition. This allows you the option of running an individual ride or several on their own, without the need for programming to excerpt them from the long feature. Licensing the complete show gives you more scheduling options and flexibility.

Who it comes from

SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition is a collaboration of two cosmically creative companies: Dome3D and Loch Ness Productions.

The computer graphics wizards from Dome3D — Matt Mascheri, Michael Narlock, and Jason Heaton — are the visual creators. They conducted extensive research on actual theme park rides from around the world, to choose the ones that would best accommodate the fulldome medium, offering a perfect balance between time, motion, and fun. They spent months (more like years, on and off) sitting at their computer workstations running applications like ZBrush, 3dsMax, After Effects, rendering frames and data — at 4K resolution, that's a lot of data.

The soundtrack music... well, that's where we come in. Mark C. Petersen has conjured up some special Geodesium music to accompany the rides. It transcends the ethereal planetarium space music sound he's best known for; these tracks are more like an audio assault on the senses. Check out the previews to hear the rockin' sounds from the Loch Ness Productions studios.

THE RIDES (select for 1024x768 pixel image, ~700 KB)

1. Quicksilver Mercury

The lead-off ride is a pendulum-motion swing deep in a crater on Mercury, with the Sun low on the horizon.

2. Twin Tornadoes Venus

One of two "dueling rides"; it's a spine-chilling hurtle through the Venusian atmosphere.

3. The Tumbler Earth

A wild ride located on Pad 39-A, next to a ready-to-launch rocket. Prepare for liftoff!

4. Ares Express Mars

The first roller coaster encountered; inversions, vertical loops, cobra rolls and corkscrews though Noctis Labyrinthus.

5. Vertigo Jupiter

A unique ride, floating above the Great Red Spot in the Jovian clouds.

6. CH4 Saturn

Wild coaster tracks suspended by balloons over a methane lake on the moon Titan!

7. Delirious Uranus

The other "dueling ride"; you'll be flippin' out over a moon within the Uranian ring particles.

8. Black Hole Coaster Neptune

A mysterious ride through the nether realms of Neptune's darkest moon Triton.

9. Diablo Io

If you thought SpacePark360 ends with the farthest planet, surprise! You'll find a sizzling experience above the glowing lava flows of Jupiter's volcanic moon.

GENRE icon Running time: ~4:30 each ride,
38:52 entire show

Suitable for: Thrill-seeking audiences
Year of production: 2010

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SpacePark360: Geodesium Edition poster