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Beyond the Arctic Circle

A Fulldome Trek through the Arctic Tundra

A sled-dog excursion to a region where reindeer live among snowy landscapes and towering conifers, under the dancing lights of the aurora borealis.

Beyond the Arctic Circle is a live-action fulldome film that takes viewers on a journey to the North country to learn about the nature and wildlife of the regions within the Arctic Circle.

Audiences see the expedition through the eyes of a grandfather telling a story to his grandson about a journey in search of a mythical fox.

We take off on a husky sled and ride through the snowy forests of Lapland. Along the way, we learn about the taiga biome and evergreen trees.

As we go farther north the lush boreal forests give way to vast white plains where it's hard to imagine any life could exist.

We arrive in the Arctic tundra — the home of the reindeer and twenty other animal species. How do they survive and what they eat? Don't they get cold out there?

With its permanently frozen soil and limited amount of sunlight, this barren-seeming place is home to about 1,700 varieties of plants able to exist in such extreme conditions.

As the journey comes to an end and it gets dark, the special fox is still nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the skies light up as the mythical creature of ancient Sami legend runs across the Arctic fells and lights up the sky with sparks flying from its tail, exciting the glorious aurora borealis — the Northern Lights.

Beyond the Arctic Circle is the first live-action film from the series "Natural Wonders of the World", which takes viewers to the most exhilarating locations on our planet to experience and learn about the amazing diversity of life.

GENRE icon Running time: 18:30
Suitable for: General Public
Information about: Nature, wildlife, Arctic environment, aurorae
Year of production: 2013

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