Geodesium Arcturian Archives

Geodesium Arcturian Archives

We're proud to announce the release of our 11th album of planetarium space music: Geodesium Arcturian Archives!.

The works contained on Arcturian Archives were created about the same time as West of the Galaxy and Fourth Universe — two of our most popular albums.

Sometimes "archives" albums from other artists are just demo tracks, alternate takes or rough rehearsal mixes of music that appeared in finished form on commercial releases. Not so with Arcturian Archives. These are full-fledged Geodesium soundtrack projects; many have never been heard outside of the few planetarium performances for which they were commissioned. And there are three elaborate renditions of popular orchestral works, given unique Geodesium sound stylings.

Of course, here on our Web site, you can hear audio samples, view the album's artwork (more great Tim W. Kuzniar creations), peruse Carolyn's liner notes and read Mark's musings on the processes that went into the making of the music.

Forward into the past — with Geodesium Arcturian Archives!

31 August 2011


New pricing for Molecularium: Riding Snowflakes

The producers have adopted the Loch Ness Productions pricing model for our distribution of this show.

Check it out!

7 August 2011

IMGWarper for Windows — now with PNG capability

We've added to our popular production tool for spherical mirror systems. IMGWarper for Windows now has three modules: for warping TGA, JPG and PNG dome masters.

Reflect on it here!

14 July 2011

DomeXF 64-bit version for After Effects CS5 released

Sky-Skan's popular plugin gets its version upgrade — and multiple copy pricing too.

7 June 2011


New Moles trailer posted

Production continues apace on Antares FullDome Productions' new show, Moles: What Is Out There?

Preview the trailer and Part 1 of the show on the Moles page. And who is that dulcet-toned narrator in the English version of the trailer? Why, it's none other than our own Mark C. Petersen!

5 June 2011

Sole source document

For Ralph and Dotty over in the Purchasing Department, we've created a Sole Source declaration — as a Web page, and a PDF they can download.

28 May 2011

Buddy, can you spare 2 minutes?

Several years ago, we made a 1 Minute Blast! video, for quickly previewing all of Loch Ness Productions' fulldome shows.

Now that we're distributing shows from other producers, we've created a 2 Minute Blast! for those titles too.

23 April 2011

New pricing structure for Loch Ness Productions fulldome shows

For more than seven years, our "license fee plus buck-a-pixel" pricing structure has been in place, and has served us relatively well. Originally, we had thought A + B would be simple enough, but there have been some instances where customers (and their purchasing departments) were still unsure about it. There was also confusion when it came to warped and sliced movies that aren't fisheyes with circle diameters. Moreover, the unending proliferation of new projectors with varying pixel resolutions has complicated matters.

So we've made an effort to simplify things, to end up with a set of fixed prices that can't be miscalculated. We now list only four possible prices for any Loch Ness Productions show, one per size: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and X-LARGE. Just like T-shirts. No calculations, just pick a size and you're done.

You'll find the details about the new price categories on each show's "Previews and Prices" page, and a summary of our pricing structure here.

New pricing structure for Antares FullDome Productions shows

Our friends from Barcelona recently revised their pricing, too. Formerly, their categories were based on whether a dome was fixed or portable. Now, we're able to offer their shows with a SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and X-LARGE approach similar to ours, though you can opt for 2-year or 5-year licenses, in addition to the 50-year licenses that are standard with our shows.

The good news: prices for many smaller theaters are now much lower than before! Check out the new prices on each show's page. This link will get you there: Antares FullDome Productions shows


Speaking of Antares FullDome Productions, production continues apace on their new show, Moles: What Is Out There?

You can preview Part 1 of the show on the Moles page. And who is that dulcet-toned narrator introducing the characters at the start of the (English version) show? Why, it's none other than our own Carolyn Collins Petersen!

22 April 2011


We're now distributing TimeSpace

We've added this show from the Adler Planetarium to our fulldome show catalog.

TimeSpace was produced five years ago, and is their first in-house fulldome production. Experimental performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson provides a distinctive, unique narration.

We're pleased to be able to offer it to our customers now with a special, simplified pricing structure.

Check it out!

30 March 2011

HUBBLE Vision in Russian

HUBBLE Vision 2 available in Russian

Through the efforts of our friends at Carl Zeiss AG, we are pleased to make this Russian language soundtrack available to our fulldome show customers. (It will work for the classic show too.)

It will be showing at the new fulldome theater Zeiss is installating at the Valentina V. Tereshkova (first woman in space) Cultural-Educational Centre in Yaroslavl, Russia.

Preview the trailer!

13 March 2011

We're now distributing IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System

We've added this show from the Adler Planetarium to our fulldome show catalog.

This show was produced two years ago as part of a NASA project, and was distributed free, as a put-it-together-yourself dome master sequence and audio files. We've rendered the dome masters and audio into movies, and are charging only for our time and effort expended in the encoding process.

10 March 2011


We're now distributing Molecularium: Riding Snowflakes

We've added this show from the Molecularium Project to our fulldome show catalog.

In 2002, Loch Ness Productions worked with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Linda Schadler and Shekhar Garde to create "Molecularium", a Digistar II planetarium show, for the Junior Museum in Troy, New York. That project was a successful pilot, testing what ideas worked on the dome. With the subsequent development of fulldome video, the producers decided to transcend the wireframe graphics of the prototype, and created Molecularium: Riding Snowflakes.

While Loch Ness Productions wasn't involved in this fulldome production, we are pleased to be able to offer it to you and your audiences. Like the AVI shows, it isn't new on the market. But it's new to Loch Ness Productions — and it might be new to you! Check it out!

8 March 2011

We're now distributing shows from AVI

We've added two shows produced by Audio Visual Imagineering to our fulldome show catalog.

Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda is the famous mythological story, now visualized in AVI's inimitable cartoon style. It transcends its laser-show roots, to provide a new fulldome experience.

The Little Star That Could might be familiar to long-time Loch Ness Productions fans. We produced the soundtrack for the St. Louis Science Center's classic planetarium show back in the '80s. In creating this fulldome version, Audio Visual Imagineering chose to redo the soundtrack without our music, alas. But Laura Kyro's original idea, most of her script, and some of the original character voices still remain in this new rendition.

Neither show is new on the market, but they're new to Loch Ness Productions — and they might be new to you! Check 'em out!

18 February 2011

Geodesium Stella Novus

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Our 10th album of planetarium space music!

Geodesium "Stella Novus"

We're proud to announce the release of our latest planetarium space music album, Geodesium "Stella Novus"!

There are nine gloriously spacey pieces, mixed as stand-alone features. While much of the music was recorded for our popular show HUBBLE Vision, there are some brand-new tracks as well. The album also features an incredible 30-minute bonus track, the score from the HUBBLE Vision show in its entirety (without narration)! You've heard of a "director's cut" for a movie? Well, this is the "composer's mix"!

To celebrate and promote the release of Geodesium "Stella Novus", we have some gifts for our fans:

• We're giving away the track titled Light Echoes as a free MP3 download!

• We've visualized Light Echoes as a music video, and we've posted it on on YouTube for you to enjoy!

• We also made the Light Echoes music video in fulldome form, and we're giving it away free to any and all fulldome theaters that want to run it!

Check out all this and more, on our Geodesium "Stella Novus" page.

Take me to space — Geodesium "Stella Novus"!

9 January 2011

Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing  The Birth of the Solar System  Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

The ABCs of astronomy
we created with Antares FullDome Productions

Teaching the basics — the ABCs of astronomy and solar system exploration — is an essential part of good science education and outreach for fulldome theaters. We're pleased to offer three new presentations we produced in collaboration with Antares Fulldome Productions of Barcelona, Spain that can help you offer these subjects to your visitors. They cover the history of astronomy, the formation of the solar system, and a tour of the planets — aimed at family and school audiences of all ages.

Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing

Birth of the Solar System

Chronicle of a Journey to Earth

And stay tuned for Moles, a new Antares show coming soon!