Celestial Rhythms: NYC Live '85

Celestial Rhythms: NYC Live '85 cover

Celestial Rhythms: NYC Live '85 tray card

Mark, Jonn, Barry

The Celestial Rhythms trio:
Mark C. Petersen, Jonn Serrie, Barry Hayes

1. Celestial Rhythms (J. Serrie) 6:35
Primary synthesist: Jonn Serrie

2. Kanon in D (J. Pachelbel) 6:32
Primary synthesist: Mark C. Petersen

3. Tumble Run (J. Serrie) 3:13
Primary synthesist: Jonn Serrie

4. Voyager (M. Petersen) 4:20
Primary synthesist: Mark C. Petersen

5. Universe Themes (B. Hayes) 7:46
Solo synthesist: Barry Hayes

6. Pines of the Appian Way (O. Respighi) 5:18
Solo synthesist: Mark C. Petersen

7. Where Lovers Walk (J. Serrie) 4:32
Solo synthesist: Jonn Serrie

8. Yoda's Theme (J. Williams) 3:47
Primary synthesist: Barry Hayes

9. Zephyr (M. Petersen) 6:12
Primary synthesist: Mark C. Petersen

10. And With You 2 (J. Serrie) 7:15
Primary synthesist: Jonn Serrie

11. Star Shadows (B. Hayes) 5:16
Primary synthesist: Barry Hayes

12. The Right Stuff / Call to Glory (B. Conti, C. Gross/G. Anderson) 5:53
Primary synthesist: Jonn Serrie

13. I Robot (A. Parsons/E. Woolfson) 5:41
Primary synthesist: Mark C. Petersen

Total running time: 73:14

Cover art by Brian Sullivan/Mark C. Petersen.
Photo by Carolyn Collins Petersen.

Thanks to the 1985 Hayden Planetarium staff: Dr. William A. Gutsch Jr., Lynn Azarchi, Brian Sullivan, Joe Maddi, Joe Doty, Allen Seltzer, Rob Sparkes.

Copyright 2015, Loch Ness Productions. All rights reserved worldwide. All selections BMI, except as noted below.

Yoda's Theme by John Williams, Copyright Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp.
The Right Stuff by Bill Conti, Copyright Universal Music Corp. Obo Warner Olive Music LLC. (ASCAP)
Call To Glory by Charles Gross And Gary Anderson, Copyright Sony/Atv Harmony Obo Addax Music Corporation
I Robot by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, Copyright Universal Music-Careers Obo Woolfsongs Ltd.