[Kira girl] KIR A. KATT is the newest member of the roster, a 2006 first-round draft pick.

She was born in Massachusetts, and along with the rest of the LNP/Katt contingent, came to Colorado in 2009. She is in charge of inter-staff relations, including conflict mediation as well as meditation. Her hobbies are cat-tree climbing and chasing the little red dot.

[Miranda's visage] MIRAND A. KATT (1999-2017) joined LNP just before the turn of the century. She was rarely seen around the offices, though, preferring instead to work behind the scenes on a variety of projects.

Born on a farm in rural Massachusetts before relocating to Colorado with the rest of the LNP/Katt cohort, Miranda was named for the moon of Uranus, because of her mottled markings. Her hobbies were sleeping, eating, and challenging her compatriots to bouts in the WFF's "Katt Smackdown" competition.

[Laz boy] LAZ R. S. KATT (2003-2015) was named after the Heinlein character Lazarus Long, whose motto was "To enjoy life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks."

Laz was born in Massachusetts and relocated with the LNP/Katt contingent in 2009. At LNP, he apparently worked for the IT department, since he was often found rearranging computer cables.

[Pixel's pixels] PIX L. KATT (1997-2011) Named for Robert A. Heinlein's feline heroine in "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls", Pixel was born and raised in Massachusetts before relocating with the rest of the LNP/Katt contingent to Colorado in 2009.

Her main duties included supervision of principal photography for all programs, in addition to fax compression and facilities inspections, and overseeing the smooth operations of the company. Her literary interests manifested themselves in a preoccupation with pens and pencils, and she had the planetarian's fascination for opaquing brushes, X-acto knives and screenplays.

[Larry's pic] LAWRENCE E. KATT (1982-1998), affectionately known as "Larry", was the managing supervisor at Loch Ness Productions. He was featured in the title role of our 1990 planetarium show, Larry Cat In Space.

Born at the very moment the space shuttle Columbia touched down at White Sands, New Mexico, Larry was cherished for 16+ years at Loch Ness Productions. Siblings "Curly" and "Moe" relocated early in their careers.