Farley J. McKluth Memorial Planetarium
and Educational Institution ???
1234 Main Street
Anytown, MA 12345-6789

+1 978 555 0001 office
+1 978 555 0002 fax
+1 800 360-DOME toll-free
Opened 1982; total attendance 90125
KML file 
Tilted dome32m 32° LuiPlasteur, installed 1895
  Capacity 303, unidirectional; attendance 71944 (2005)
  Whitney & Pratt XJ-1, installed 1992
  logo  Whitney & Pratt XJ-2SP, installed 2002 3D
        5 Panicstricen AWUGA LECD projectors, cove
        Starry SkyMapper DomePro

Portable dome 3.02m PlastiqueCo, installed 1985
  Capacity 8, epicentric; attendance 18181 (2004)
  Whitt & Pratney XJ-PD, installed 2001
The world's only planetarium with a Martin black dome, which greatly increases contrast and light scattering with low dome reflectivity. Shows by appointment or bribe only, reservations for school groups accepted under duress.
Mr. Niles Lischness, I, Coordinator Coordination is my long suit.
Grenelda Thurmer, Office Mangler +1 303 555 0003 ext. 18 Responsible for overseeing and approving all operations of Mr. Lischness

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   Epicentric: curved rows, facing one direction.
   Concentric: curved rows, facing center.
   Others include: chevron, movable, variable, etc.

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