It’s the First Fiske Fulldome Film Festival!

Fiske Planetarium

Fiske Planetarium theater. Courtesy Matthew Benjamin.

Want to see fulldome shows, more fulldome shows, and even more fulldome shows? The first-ever Fiske Fulldome Film Festival is just the place for you to be in August!

Imagine seeing dozens of fulldome videos, all displayed on one of the most modern and professional domes in the world! That’s what the Festival offers visitors to Boulder, Colorado.

It’s a two-part event:

• the Public Showcase that runs from August 6-20th, during the days before and after…

• the Festival itself, which runs from August 13th-15th. It features these same shows, plus activities aimed at bringing together professionals in the planetarium and fulldome industry.

We’re very proud to be Event Sponsors for the festival, and here’s the cool part: of the 50+ shows and shorts being offered throughout the festival, in almost every block of screenings there’s at least one show that’s in our ever-expanding Loch Ness Productions distribution catalog. Those shows are:

  • Aurora Storm: a dazzling scientific and cultural exploration of the aurora borealis, produced by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and the Museum of the North
  • Bella Gaia: a poetic and musical vision of Earth from space, created by Kenji Williams — who will perform live at the Festival, too!
  • Cosmic Origins Spectrograph: Fiske Planetarium’s exploration of the unseen universe through a Hubble Space Telescope instrument
  • Dinosaurs at Dusk: a whirlwind time-travel adventure flight through pre-history!
  • From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA: an exploration of the things humans create when they dare to dream of space!
  • Habitat Earth: an exploration of life in a biologically connected world
  • Musica: Why is the Universe Beautiful?: an elegant, artistic view of the universe, informed by music, mathematics, and physics
  • SpacePark360: Infinity: a rockin’ exploration of other worlds through the excitement of theme park rides and Geodesium music
  • To Space and Back: how space exploration shapes your daily life

The Fiske Fulldome Film Festival is an excellent way to see some of the latest fulldome shows in a festival format. If you’re here for any of the public days, take the time to watch shows with public audiences. They may well give you the feedback you’re looking for when it comes to selecting shows.

You can peruse the Public Showcase screening schedule and purchase tickets on the Festival Web site.

We hope to see you there!

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  1. Gary Lazich says:

    “O strange new domes, that have such wonders in them!”

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