You have never seen a cuter mole!

In this co-production of Albedo FullDome and Mediuscula, young children will be introduced to the fascinating world of astronomy in a fun, simple and very humorous way, hand in hand with Plato, a young mole. The animated characters and the attractive backdrops of this fulldome entertainment show will keep audiences captivated. With Moles, children will learn basic concepts about science while having a great time.

The story revolves around Plato, who lives with his parents deep underground, in a dark burrow full of mystery and surprises. He is a restless, curious and thoughtful creature — fascinated by the light that penetrates the entrance to his home. Sometimes it is lit; sometimes it is dark. Why could that be?

Plato desperately wants to see what is out there in the world above. One day he finally gets to see it all! Plato discovers day and night, the Sun and Moon, and the stars! Plato's best friends are Alfa, Beta and Gamma. They love to sing... and go treasure hunting! Good thing the professor Socrates keeps an eye on our young friends, as sometimes things can get a little out of hand! The Moles story was inspired by the Greek philosopher Plato's "Myth of the Cave".

Moles stands out for its beauty and simplicity of visual design. Characters and settings are developed with clear and tender consistency. The illustrations are suggestive, warm and very expressive. They are filled with poetic messages that will stir a child's imagination. Moles integrates traditional storytelling with digital media in order to entertain and awaken interest for astronomy and nature.

"The help from Mark and Carolyn at Loch Ness was invaluable during the whole production and it's always great to be working closely with such experienced and recognized professionals." — Alexander Zaragoza, Sales and Marketing Director at Albedo Fulldome

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Running time: 36:51
Suitable for: Ages 4-8, families
Information about: Night sky, astronomy, nature
Year of production: 2011

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