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Why our online Compendium is here

• People often ask us, "Where can I see Loch Ness Productions fulldome shows?" We seldom know when any specific show is playing at a given theater. But we can note that a theater has licensed our shows. For our fine, upstanding customers (the ones in boldface type!) — it's our way of providing a measure of recognition and helping boost their attendance figures!

• Theater professionals are always looking to contact others in the field. By providing contact information in hypertext form, we can facilitate better communication among our colleagues.

• Those outside our field are often unfamiliar with the many aspects of the dome trade. A planetarium theater is often just "the place they visited on a field trip as a kid." So, in perusing the wealth of data, casual Web surfers may discover a nearby theater that might be of interest. Again, it's our way of providing some public awareness of the dome theater.

If you operate a fulldome theater, we invite you to submit a Compendium Update Form to add your theater's particulars to the online listings. The more data points we can provide, the more useful the listings will be.

[LDC logo]The listings here on our Web site are a small subset of the 4000+ theater database we maintain and publish as the LNP DOME THEATER COMPENDIUM. It's available in BROWSER and FULLDOME SUBSCRIPTION versions.

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